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Man-at-Arms Sergeant's Halberd


This Cold Steel MAA tool is fully sharpened. Can be used as a spear, a hook, and a cutting tool. 1055 Carbon steel head with rugged Ash wood shaft. Overall 85-1/4 inches.


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The Sergeant's Halberd is often seen as a ceremonial item, carried as a badge of rank by officers in the 18th and 19th Century. Unlike its heavy-duty cousins the Sergeant's Halberd was actually developed during the age of firearms and was designed to face foes with less protective armor. Lighter, faster and more maneuverable, it is a deceptively quick and astonishingly effective.

Fully sharpened and surprisingly rugged and durable, it can be used as a spear for thrusting, a hook to catch, trap and entangle and as a cutting tool to chop, cut and slice. 1055 Carbon steel head with rugged Ash wood shaft.

Key Measurements:

  • Overall: 85 1/4"
  • Blade Head Length: 21 1/4"
  • Wt: 62.8 oz

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