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US Marine Corps Ceremonial Saber Sword

This officially licensed USMC Ceremonial Saber Sword from United Cutlery has a sharp, stainless steel blade is embossed with USMC themed artwork. The hilt is polished stainless steel and the TPU grip has faux wire wrap and a guard with decorative metalwork and a tassel. The matching scabbard is black faux leather and features stainless steel decorative accents.

The Union Kit

This kit has the essentials for a Union Soldier, an 1860 Light Cavalry Union Saber, a leather Union sword belt and a solid copper coffee mug engraved with the initials "US".

US Marine Corps NCO Saber from Spain No Spine Serial Number

This US Marine Corps NCO Saber has No Spine Serial Number and is made in Spain by a government certified manufacturer. It comes in 4 blade lengths.

US Navy Officer's Saber

This US Navy Officer's Saber is manufactured according to exacting government specifications. Filigree work shows "USN" on the hilt. Includes government spec scabbard. Available in 4 blade lengths - 28", 30", 32" or 34".

1860 Light Cavalry Union Saber

This British military spec Light Cavalry Saber has a hand forged blade that will flex over 20° and return to true. Leather handle is wire wrapped. Steel scabbard included. Overall 41 inches.