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Hand Made Bamboo Motif Katana with Damascus Blade

Hand forged from Damascus carbon steel, this razor sharp katana has a simulated hamon, iron tsuba and black cotton wrap handle over genuine ray skin. The wood saya is left in its natural state and heavily lacquered to bring out the wood grain with a stunning bamboo motif inset in abalone.


Embroidered Fringed Colonial Flag

This heavy duty flag is made of 210D Oxford polyester with embroidered stars and bright gold fringe. Features four rows of stitching at the fly-end. Brass grommets.

Old West Wanted Posters 12 Sheet Set

This 12 poster set of replica Old West Wanted, Reward & Warning signs features legends likes Butch Cassidy, Jesse James, Sam & Belle Starr, the Sundance Kid and Billy the Kid, all on quality parchment paper.

1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

This 1917 Frontier Bowie from Cold Steel screams rugged function. Almost sword-like in its cutting and thrusting, it features a wide, hand-sharpened blade with a generous clip and huge fuller. Made from 1085 carbon steel, it is heat treated.

Cavalry Sword Hanger

This sword hanger has 3" long brass belt clip. Leather straps thread through scabbard rings and are secured with brass buttons.

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Review of: 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

Bought one of these recently to round out my bowie selection. I notice that I received one of the last that AC had in stock and it appears that  it will be awhile before they get more... It is a heavy knife and sheath and I wear it on a separate belt so that my trews don't drop to my ankles...
1085 is a good steel that will take a good edge. Often used on swords and it's easy to understand why- it's tough steel!.
Feels good in the hands and looks pretty too, thanks to the heavy bluing on the blade and cross-guard.. Took it apart and noticed that the cross-guard is brazed or welded to the tang/blade.. appears to be a one-piece blade and tang. Rosewood grips that add a lot to the looks.
The removable frog system is very handy if I want to lay the knife down in the sheath and leave the frog on the belt for quick re-attachment to my belt. Very pleased for the money, very pleased indeed.!
Reviewed by: Ranald, March 07, 2020

Review of: 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

I have not been impressed with Cold Steel’s fit and finish in previous purchases, so held back from snatching up this beautiful blade when I first saw it in the catalog.  It couldn’t possibly be this good in real life . . .  I held out for over a year before telling myself that I could. “always send it back” if it didn’t meet my expectations.  Well out of the box it blew my expectations into next week!  Elegant curve with a substantial false edge, its heft felt solid in my hand while still being ‘wieldy’.  The serpentine guard is generous enough for my hand (even gloved) with no cramping or hot spots.  The bluing is really nice and increases the aesthetic value of the knife.  The sheath is solid and the locking belt frog works as it’s intended.  Why did I wait so long?  Now I’ll take it to my favorite whetter; Seattle Knife Sharpening, for an edge that is a work of art.
Reviewed by: Chris, July 22, 2019

Review of: 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

Outstanding Bowie.  Can get a razor edge and the grip is strong and solid in the hand.  Just a classic.  A very good chopper and all around cutter as would be expected.  High quality for the price.  Highly recommend.
Reviewed by: Christopher, April 17, 2019

Review of: 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

Used extensively while camping in mostly pine forest.  Excellent for shaving wood for fires.  Great in baton splitting wood.  Sharp point for drilling into leather and pieces of wood.  Recommend wearing on outside of pack as it can be a bit heavy on belt for long hikes.
Reviewed by: Jim, December 13, 2018

Review of: 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

beautiful knife, I think well balanced, looks well put together-well done Cold Steel-
Reviewed by: William, July 30, 2018

Review of: 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

Now THAT'S a knife! Hefty,well crafted,comfortable,gorgeous.
Reviewed by: charles, February 13, 2017

Review of: 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

This thing is just plain awesome!
Reviewed by: Jeffrey, April 10, 2016

Review of: 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

It was everything I was expecting and more.
Reviewed by: Thomas, December 13, 2015

Review of: 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

extremelypleased with this it is what I expected
Reviewed by: Darrell, April 06, 2015

Review of: 1917 Frontier Bowie Knife

A quality knife, well made by Cold Steel!
Reviewed by: Allen, March 10, 2015