National Camping Month

June is the National Camping Month since the 1970s. No matter what you do, whether going to a local park, taking a walk or working in your garden, take the time to escape from modern society and connect to nature.

  • Aurora Firestarter 440C


    Aurora Firestarter

    # 805593

    Silver knurled aluminum casing with composite flint steel magnesium rod that is easy to use and provides tremendous fire starting power. Features an O-ring channel that will prevent the O-ring from sliding around. Built-in 440C stainless striking blade...
  • Old Hickory Butcher Knife

    Ontario Knife Co

    Old Hickory Butcher Knife

    # 404807

    Superb American hand craftsmanship, the finest high carbon steel and genuine hickory wood are the ingredients for the OLD HICKORY line of knives. Over 20 hand operations are performed to produce an OLD HICKORY KNIFE, the fastest selling line of carbon...
  • Wartech Field Hatchet

    Wartech Field Hatchet

    # 601122

    Designed in the USA, this camp hatchet is constructed from one-piece of CR13 stainless steel with textured G-10 scales for a good grip. Perfect for field-work, it has an axe blade on one side and a sharpened backspike on the other. Includes nylon belt...
  • Police Rescue Knife

    Tac Force

    Police Rescue Knife

    # 403624

    This urban rescue knife features a stainless steel blade with fast assisted opening mechanism, glass breaker end and belt cutter.  This Police Rescue Knife offers good looks, comfort and performance fit for the Boys in Blue. Liner lock and a fast...
  • Windlass Steelcrafts Double Edged Dagger Blade

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Long Double Edge Dagger Blade

    # 700112

    Long double-edged 1085 high carbon blade for your next knife making project. Overall 11-3/8 inches.   This blade is hand-forged and tempered with 1075 high carbon steel for a hard-working and dependable blade. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts...
  • Elk Ridge Trapper Dual Blade Pocket Knife

    Sold Out

    Elk Ridge Trapper Dual Blade Pocket Knife

    # 404220

    Unique Elk Ridge Dual Blade folding knives with 440 stainless steel blades in a classic package. 7-1/4 inches.   This Elk Ridge Trapper is a real throwback. Two 440 stainless steel blades in a classic package with no unnecessary locks or pocket...
  • Cavalry Sword Hanger

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Cavalry Sword Hanger

    # 200260

    This sword hanger has 3" long brass belt clip. Leather straps thread through scabbard rings and are secured with brass buttons.  This sword hanger is made to clip onto an existing belt with straps sized to the perfect length for horseback carry of...
  • Solid Copper Coffee Mug

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Solid Copper Coffee Mug

    # 801814

    These solid copper cups keep drinks hot longer. Great for camping trips too because they don’t break. 1 piece heavy-duty body.  These solid copper cups are favored by many re-enactors because they keep drinks hot longer. Great for camping trips too...

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