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  • 9” Skinner Blade with brass guard has a fine point, is 400 series stainless steel, comes sharp, and has a full profile tang

    Szco Supplies

    9” Skinner Blade with Brass Guard

    # 701112

    This medium length, clip point skinner blade has a fine point. Made in 400 series stainless steel, it comes sharpened. Excellent for most normal skinning chores. Solid brass guard is pre-polished. Full profile tang.     Overall:...
  • Get kids outside! This wood compass has a clear body that allows you to see the earth while you navigate.

    Kikkerland Design, Inc.

    Huckleberry Compass

    # 805598

    Get kids outside! This is a wood compass, with clear body that allows you to see the earth while you navigate. Using a compass can be an exciting and educational experience for kids, promoting skills that extend beyond navigation and into various areas...
  • Set of 4 miniature cast-iron horseshoes includes leather carry strap. Ideal for family and backyard fun and parks.

    Kikkerland Design, Inc.

    Huckleberry Miniature Horseshoes

    # 805599

    Hold your horses! That’s right - You don’t need a horse to have all the fun with these awesome little Horseshoes for little hands (they’re ony 3” long!). Simply grab some sticks and toss to play the legendary horseshoe game. And...
  • compact, portable Huckleberry Dual Magnifier has 5X and 10X magnification, perfect for viewing small bugs, leaves and rocks

    Kikkerland Design, Inc.

    Huckleberry Dual Magnifier

    # 805600

    Connect with nature! The magnifier is compact and portable, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Perfect for viewing small bugs, leaves and rocks up close, it has both 5X and 10X magnification.   It comes with carrying loop to...
  • French Napoleonic Briquet Short Sword has brass hilt and high  carbon steel blade

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    French Napoleonic Briquet Short Sword

    # 501867

    New! Accepting Pre-Orders: Shipments arriving Mid December and Early January This short saber was introduced in 1767, preceding the French Revolution, as a replacement for heavier and cumbersome swords like the fusilier’s ēpēe. It was instantly...
  • full-tang Shikoto Tigerwood Katana has hand-forged, T10 carbon steel blade, Tigerwood scales and matching Tigerwood scabbard


    Shikoto Tigerwood Katana

    # 501840

    This katana from Shikoto is a masterpiece of earthy and natural simplicity with its rich tigerwood handle and scabbard. Tigerwood (also known as Brazilian Koa, Congo wood, African Walnut, Courbaril, Bototo, Zorrowood, and Muiracatiara) is a warm wood...
  • "A Dragon a Day" Printed Fantasy Coffee Mug

    "A Dragon a Day" Printed Fantasy Coffee Mug

    # 805613.

    Dragons are cool, but not everyone thinks so! This poor maiden is not a fan of this awesome dragon, but we're sure anyone might feel that way if they are getting chased by one. It’s BPA and lead-free, microwave and dishwasher-safe, and made of...

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