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CRKT CEO Linerlock - Bamboo

Created with dress shirt pockets and v-neck scrubs in mind, the slim, low-profile CEO Bamboo Scales poses as a pen until a sealed letter needs opening, or a suit needs a finishing touch. With lubed ball bearings in the pivot to reduce friction, a slim thumb stud sets IKBS™ in motion, quickly deploying the all-black blade. A locking liner keeps it securely in place between the handle crafted to look like it’s built of bamboo.

CRKT Razelcliffe™ Framelock - OD

Forget the fine tip. The Razelcliffe™ Compact boldly challenges conventional blade shapes. While this everyday carry folder’s stubby profile is its defining quality, the G10, and stainless steel handle balances the look and feels exceptionally solid in hand. And with 8Cr13MoV blade steel, this knife is ready for hard use.

CRKT Flat Out™ Folder

This thin spear point blade style is balanced by a highly ergonomic and shapely handle. Subtle details like a two-tone satin finish on the blade and bead blast finish on the handle polish the high aesthetic. In motion, though, is where the Flat Out™ truly shines—open it a mere 30 degrees, and OutBurst® takes over, deploying the blade at shockingly quick speeds. A frame lock keeps it solidly in place.

CRKT K.I.S.S. Framelock

The Original K.I.S.S.®, with its Tanto-inspired blade and bead-blast finish, is the revolutionary high-tech statement by Ed Halligan. It's one honey of a knife, precision fine blanked for superior fit and smooth operation. The design allows it to be used in a variety of ways: clipped to the pocket, as a money clip knife, or with a split-ring or lanyard as a key chain knife.

CRKT Seismic™ Deadbolt

The Seismic™ everyday carry folder has proven to be outrageously strong without compromising on simplicity or usability—it’s got other folders quaking in their boots.

CRKT NIRK™ Tighe 2

Once your eyes lock on to the artistry in the skeletonized handle, you begin to see the true purity of the NIRK™ Tighe 2 form. Mechanical simplicity masterfully is designed into a knife form that takes metal work to a whole new level.