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Non Firing Replica Guns

Sometimes a replica gun is exactly what you need to complete the look and feel of your historical display or collection.

Handguns have been used throughout history, both as a tool for survival and war. Atlanta Cutlery carries an assortment of replica dummy weapons. You'll find flintlocks, Civil War and Old West revolvers, rifles and shotguns, as well as semi-automatic guns and movie replica weapons like James Bond's Walther PPK. Great for re-enactors and collectors, these non-firing guns are safe for anyone to handle.

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German WWII MP-40 Non-Firing Dummy Machine Pistol with Sling

This replica firearm is made of zinc alloy and has working action just like the original. It has a folding stock and removable magazine.

Pirate Blunderbuss Pistol

This replica blunderbuss pistol features an antiqued silver/pewter finish over its cast metal parts and real wood stock. Trigger and flintlock mechanism move, but are non-firing.

Death’s Head Flintlock Pistol

This sleek non-firing replica has ornate antique grey filigree etching on the barrel, firing mechanism and pistol guard, while the butt plate is an exquisite relief of the skull and crossbones.

Napoleon Flintlock Pistol

A non-firing replica of Napoleons' personal flintlock pistol. It is 14 inches long with a 7-3/8 inch long barrel.

18th Century British Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol - Brass

A blunderbuss is a muzzle-loading firearm with a flared, trumpe/like barrel and is the predecessor to the shotgun. Blunderbusses were often supplied with gan/molds by their manufacturers, allowing the user to make his own shot in the field.

18th Century British Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol - Pewter

This is a non-firing replica of the 18th Century British Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol in Pewter.

1860 Army Issue Civil War Revolver - Antique Grey Finish

The M1860 Army Revolver was used by both Union and Confederate forces. This legendary cap and ball, non-firing replica revolver is full size. The loading lever, hammer, trigger, and cylinder work like the originals.

1873 Cavalry Style Old West Revolver Antique Grey Finish

This 1873 .45 Caliber Cavalry Style replica revolver has an antique grey finish. Realistic features such as the ability to cock the gun, spin the chamber and pull the trigger just like the original guns.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: US WWII M3 Grease Gun Non-Firing Replica

I picked up an very early Type of this weapon from a dead VC.  It had no "charging handle' /cocking lever" to put in the first round from an open bolt.  The dust cover was to be lifted, and your finger slid into an "opening/hole" on the bolt assembly, to draw back the bolt to a locked position.  The Operator would then just squeeze the trigger to fire.   Designed as capable of Full auto, yet able to pop off just a few with practice when desired.   Very rugged and could withstand build up of dirt and fire. Close range effective, not a long range accuracy weapon.   Curious as to how many parts in the mock-up.
Reviewed by: gary, November 25, 2020

Review of: Blunderbuss

Great gun and quality, perfect for prop in steampunk stage.
Reviewed by: MARGARET, October 03, 2019

Review of: 18th Century Four Barrel Flintlock Pistol Replica

Love the pistol. Looks like the real thing. Will be great at the Renaisance Festival.
Reviewed by: Ronald, February 12, 2019

Review of: US WWII M3 Grease Gun Non-Firing Replica

Great replica of the M3 Grease Gun from Denix.Great service and fast shipping from ACC.Highly recommended!
Reviewed by: Doug, January 12, 2019

Review of: Pirate Blunderbuss Pistol

Great replica pistol. Good weight and made from sturdy material
Reviewed by: Ronald, December 21, 2018

Review of: Blunderbuss

I got this for an additional weapon for my pirate garb.  I love it!  Looks and feels like the real thing.  The authenticity of this replica is astounding!
Reviewed by: Victor, June 18, 2018

Review of: Old West Repeating Rifle

very nice would be better if it could be used as a real rifle
Reviewed by: Alexander, December 24, 2017

Review of: Caps with Dummy Shells

Really useful - should fit a couple of my .45s.  Looks like fun.
Reviewed by: Lowell, March 24, 2017

Review of: Pirate Blunderbuss Pistol

beautiful reproduction, very pleased with attention to detail
always happy with purchases from Atlanta Cutlery
many thnx.
Reviewed by: Harry J., October 20, 2016

Review of: M1873 Single Action Buntline Special Revolver

The M1873 Single Action Buntline Special is finely crafted and a really nice replica.
I am very pleased with it and the service from Atlanta Cutlery. I would recommend
this particular piece to any replica gun and/or rifle collector. Very unique with the
12-inch long barrel. I am very pleased with the purchase and with Atlanta Cutlery.
Reviewed by: Stanley, September 26, 2016