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Avast me heartie - AtlantaCutlery.com can prepare you for your high seas adventure with our full line of buccaneer weapons and accessories. This pirate's bounty has everything you need to sail the 7 seas, from swords and daggers to flags and pendants.

  • Scalawag Tricorn Hat

    Scalawag Tricorn Hat

    # 201173

    These sturdy pirate tricorn hats have been textured to look like weathered suede. Order midnight black or classic brown.  These sturdy pirate tricorn hats are made of 100% polyester which has been textured to look like weathered suede. Two of the...
  • Death's Head Flintlock Pistol

    Death's Head Flintlock Pistol

    # 804450

    This sleek non-firing replica has ornate antique grey filigree etching on the barrel, firing mechanism and pistol guard, while the butt plate is an exquisite relief of the skull and crossbones.  This sleek non-firing replica from Denix is the...
  • High Seas Stocking Cap

    High Seas Stocking Cap

    # 101612

    This cap is made from poly-cotton stretch fabric. One size, choose from solid red or grey stripes. Pictured outfits and accessories sold separately.  These stocking caps are great hats for adventures on the high seas and pirates of all ages. These...
  • Pirates Sash

    Pirates Sash

    # 100822

    These metallic polyester sashes are an apt accent piece for any pirate outfit. Features multiple tassels.  These sashes, available in burgundy w/ gold, gold, black w/ silver, or navy w/ gold, are a beautiful accent piece for any pirate outfit. The...
  • Pirate Vest

    Pirate Vest

    # 100520

    This 17th-century lace-up vest is made of 100% cotton. Comes in red, green or navy.  Climb aboard for any adventure with this 17th century lace-up vest. This top can be worn with a variety of period shirts and has even been worn by a few shipboard...
  • Pirate Sparrow Flag

    Pirate Sparrow Flag

    # 805308

    Pirate Jack Sparrow High-quality Polyester Flag 3x5 ft Skull Crossbones with 2 metal grommets. Perfect for indoor and outdoor displays.  This 3x5ft high-quality Polyester Pirate Sparrow Flag has header tape and 2 metal grommets The flag is...
  • Henry Avery Flag

    Henry Avery Flag

    # 801750

    Pirate Captain Henry Avery retired with his loot without being arrested or killed in battle. Our reproduction of his flag is made of double sided, indoor outdoor polyester, measuring a full 3' x 5' with metal grommets.  Henry Avery (or Every) had ...

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