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Avast me heartie - AtlantaCutlery.com can prepare you for your high seas adventure with our full line of buccaneer weapons and accessories. This pirate's bounty has everything you need to sail the 7 seas, from swords and daggers to flags and pendants.

  • Caribbean Coast Pirate Vest

    Caribbean Coast Pirate Vest

    # 101758

    Stunning alone or with our Caribbean Coast Pirate Jacket, this rich, blue cotton velvet vest is satin lined with ornate gold buttons down the front and an adjustable belt with buckle in the back.   This is a great companion vest to...
  • Caribbean Rogue Boots

    Caribbean Rogue Boots

    # 101493

    These knee-high boots are made of soft faux leather, polyurethane. Comes with adjustable buckles and side zippers.  These dashing boots have a real rustic appearance while maintaining a true heroic look. The soft faux leather (polyurethane) makes...
  • Buccaneer Coat

    Buccaneer Coat

    # 100780

    This coat is crafted of heavy wool and perfect for pirate wear. Available in grey or navy blue with period cut, bell cuffs and antiqued buttons.  The bitter cold of the English Channel will be no match for this dashing Captain's styled coat. This...
  • Non-Firing Pirate Blunderbuss with real wood stock



    # 803527

    This non firing flintlock firearm is made of cast metal parts. 26" overall, just over 3 pounds.   This is a massive version of the boarding blunderbuss firearm. Its wide, intimidating barrel could spray an area with nails, glass, shot, rocks,...
  • American Oak 5 Liter Aging Barrel

    American Oak 5 Liter Aging Barrel

    # 804478

    These are traditional aging barrels handmade from sturdy American Oak with metal support bands. Each barrel includes bung, spigot, stand, paper funnel & instructions. This 5 liter barrel holds just over 1-1/2 gallons.  These are traditional aging...

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