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Excellent Knife
Purchased for son. Now time to get one for me.
Is there a leather cover for the scabbard tip. The tip is really sharp and it is carried on a 4 wheeler while working in the pasture
Gaylon | May 20, 2020
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Now thats a knife
So very happy with this knife. Feels good in the hand. Cant wait to use it camping
Jeffery | February 21, 2019
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The real deal.
Authentic knife and well made. Easy to sharpen and heavy.
Mark | September 24, 2018
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Well constructed
Fine value. well constructed, well fitted and well balanced.
fore the price point, very fine value.
mine needs a bit of sharpening, too become usable. but, as i ordered this fore my grandson, i shall be awaiting.
Mark | August 26, 2018
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Another great kukri
This is the third kukri I've ordered for myself recently.  I've actually ordered a pair of the Assam Rifles kukris for my wife and myself, and then a pair of this model.  When I'm honing and stropping blades, it's been a whole lot harder to get the razor edge on this model, so I suspect the RC hardness is a little higher on the model, which is awesome, because edge retention!
This model is also a nice size.  When you want a big knife, but not THAT big, this one works well.  The handle is small.  My hands are smallish, and the handle feels like it was made for me.  When I tape measure from the bolster to the tip, it rings in right at 9.5-inches.  So, it's a biggish knife that itsn't annoying to wear around the house or campsite.
Plus, the Windlass kukris are unbelievable for the price.  Quit reading reviews and order one (or two) already!
T | January 24, 2018
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For the money I have to say 5 stars.  Although the first thing I want to say is the factory edge is no edge at all.  So know you are taking on a REAL sharpening project with this one.  That aside it is very well put together and took a great edge.  I have a few kukris and I was attracted to the smaller size of this one.  Very happy with this purchase.  
Max | January 08, 2017
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Not sharp
Enough.  Otherwise  5 star.
Michael | October 15, 2016
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A nice, well balanced, and made Kukri. The blade was well sharpened and is very sharp.  The scabbard is made of excellent quality leather as well.

Satisfied with this Kukri in all respects.  

Well Done!
Joseph | October 22, 2015
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Nice quality, sharpened up easily, well worth the money!
Jerry | September 29, 2015
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Excellent and impressive craftsmanship.  Unbelievably well made for the price.
Tom | August 20, 2015
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Damn solid knife, could take a mans head off with ease and certainly comes in handy for foliage. A bit oddly balanced and honestly, the sheath was much too big, allowing the knife to move around a bit, but overall it's a solid blade.
Eamon | June 08, 2015
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