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German K98 bayonet
Nice bayonet for a repro.
To the people who wonder where the barrel mounting hole is.. The Germans extended the bayonet lug under the barrel to make the bayonet more secure, because they got rid of the hole for the barrel to fit in. They thought it would negatively affect accuracy hanging on the barrel so they removed it. If you have a K98 this is the correct type of bayonet. Other Mauser type rifles have the hole for the barrels.
Jeff | June 29, 2020
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Quality bayonet
Accurately historically detailed.  Finely crafted.  A fine addition to both avid WWII collectors and for those who enjoy well made and well priced war memoriabelia.
Grant | March 22, 2019
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Very nice
Well made very nice tight fit on my 1943 k98
JARED | October 03, 2018
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Nice Knife; Bayonet Not So Much
While the construction is sturdy, the bayonet does not fit my mauser. The hole is too small to go over the lug all the way in. So would either need to file the lug down some or drill / file sides of hole on bayonet so it would fit ... my other thought was why is there no guard with a hole for barrel? Is it supposed to not have that? My fault as pic clearly shows not there.  Nice heavy knife tho.
Christopher | May 02, 2018
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Very good quality
Warren | April 14, 2016
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The bayonet is beautifully finished, but it is non-functional because: 1) it is milled wrong so it will not fit over the K98 cleaning rod; 2) because there is no barrel ring to fit around the barrel, then the bayonet is not firmly secured on the rifle, but is flimsily affixed, not stable, and could not stand the stress of real combat. I suggest the bayonet be drilled out wider for the cleaning rod, and a barrel ring left on... Then if someone wanted to change it, they could do so on their own. I am curious about how the K98 bayo evolved to have no barrel ring - I suspect the lug was intended to be full-length, but some model variations, including mine, lack this. My model is a Yugoslavian K98 made in 1944, so it is supposed to be the same design as the German army. If you have any more explanation, I would be glad if you would share it with me.
Louis Burkes 985-893-2016
Louis | July 02, 2015
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Nice bayonet fight perfectly on my mauser. Still waiting for my arisaka bayonet, hope it is as nice.
Mark | June 23, 2015
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