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Walking stick
Very functional  representation of the  Irish walking stick.   The knob end needs more work to make it look more realistic and fit the hand better
Brian | May 31, 2019
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Great Stick.
An excellent stick for walking and self defense, very solid but not to heavy. Perfect height if you are six foot tall or more, otherwise it's easy to cut it to size if you are shorter.
Kellie | May 23, 2019
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I am very pleased with the quality of this walking stick. It is a little heavier than I was expecting, but I don't think that is a bad thing. It feels sturdy and hefty. It also looks really great!
Alec | January 06, 2017
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A sturdy, quite substantial walking cane. I was a little concerned that it might bend; because it was constructed, from polypropylene. NO WAY! This cane is stronger than any cane I've ever owned. The only down side is, it's not for anyone with small hands. The root knob is quite large. It would be an intimidating, personal defense item.
George | March 29, 2016
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It's a heavy stick, has some edges on the knob part that could have been rounded over a little. There is a gap between the knob and shaft, not much but still there. Overall a great walking stick.
Roland | January 18, 2016
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The walking stick is more than I expected.  The wood on the top sets if off and it is very sturdy. Thank you.
Ken | May 14, 2015
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