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Nice reproduction but not an antique
Just received this today and while I think it's a cool knife it is not an original antique. Mine had
a sticker on the blade stating " made in India" which I doubt was used in the 1800s. Not old but I will keep it nonetheless .
Gary | September 10, 2020
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- ACC Team
With the hundreds of these that were initially received some of them had to be refurbished at our factory. In order to make them viable to ship back to the states they had to have the sticker for country of origin.
Patch knives
Just came ups fast delivery,love them.Will order from you all again.Thanks for being honest and scrupulous.
Patrick | July 16, 2020
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Great old knife with good steel
Great old knife, nice horn handle and brass bolster and butt. Shure you need to clean it up and degrease it, a bit of 0000 steel wool and the knife is ready of display or, sharpen and use.....these are not sharp and need an edge put on them, but the steel is great!
David | February 08, 2019
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Great piece of history
Great piece of history
Jacob | February 07, 2019
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Gurkha Officers Patch Knives.
The knives are as described and part of the history of the palace armory at a fair price.
Joe | December 02, 2018
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Not even playing, I bought 2, and they are absolutely beautiful.  You can't go wrong, these things are worth every penny.
Jonathan | July 24, 2017
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It  is better than I though it would be.    Holds a  good edge.. I still would like to know if it is wootz steel.
| June 30, 2017
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Nice design, surprisingly comfortable grip with brass at both ends. Nice looking, too. But there is no edge whatsoever on the blade.
After sharpening it, I realize the blade might need to be hardened... but not sure about trying take it apart, so we will see how it holds up before I start working on the second knife.
| June 09, 2017
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My experience is much like Dan's. Atlanta cutlery is a great outlet for antiques and odd items. They are also usually the cheapest and pack well. These knives and such when gone they are gone forever so buy what you can.
David | September 25, 2015
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I'd ordered two of these back in June of last year, they'd been on backorder since. It was well worth the wait, these are in perfect condition! I have an original Bhojpure kukri and scabbard, and these are going to be as close to the original karda and chakmak as I'm going to get. Very pleased with them!
Donald | February 24, 2015
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Very nice antique patch knife.  It came covered with a cosmoline type preservative and it was placed inside a small plastic bag.  Put it in mineral spirits for about 1/2 hour to take the cosmoline coating off the knife.  Took some steel wool to the brass bolster and end cap and wow!!  They both shined up like new.  The blade was a little more difficult to get to shine up.  It arrived very "grey" looking, but after some work with a wire brush and steel wool, it also shined up.  I sharpened the blade (the point was dull, so I took a fine file to touch it up) and this now looks like a brand new item!! Also, as a side note - I like the balance of this small knife (it balances about 1/4inch behind the bolster). I can put this antique knife on display, or I may actually use it as a letter opener sitting on my desk!!  Once again, I have to say it - thank you Atlanta Cutlery you do not disappoint!!  
Dan | June 25, 2013
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I bought this along with the stag handle patch knife. they were both in great shape with near perfect blades.
Rudolph | April 29, 2013
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Ordered one when they went on sale over the July 4th weekend. Arrived totally greased up, but on cleaning it's in like-new condition. Can't believe these are over 100 yrs old! Not sharpened, but think I'll leave it as is. Maybe order another if they go on sale again.
Franklin | July 13, 2011
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Great deal. Comes packed in grease.  Pretty cool.
Joe | October 20, 2009
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