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Bob M.
Better than expected. Scabbard was in great shape and cleaned up nicely with some saddle soap. Recommend the hand select option.
Robert | March 02, 2019
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BhojPure Kukri
This Kukri was as described with the sheath in very good condition.  These relics from Lagan Silekhana are a pleasure to own.
Joe | February 10, 2019
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Some minor rust pitting on the blade but other than that the handle is in great condition, accessory knives were not sharpened which is interesting. Love the knife!
Shawna | March 10, 2017
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The knife set was excellent!  The scabbard was a bit fragile - the leather was old and somewhat brittle.  The main blade was well greased and sharp.  The companion knives were not matched, but each were nice.  The smaller one was in a similar style to the main blade, but had never been given an edge, was blunt.  The smaller knife also had a bit more rust than I would have liked.  The smaller knife did not get the same care as the main blade.   Still, it will clean up nice and is of a perfect size and shape for a daily utility blade.  The larger companion knife honestly looked like something that came out of a desk drawer.  Significantly larger than the other companion knife, it also was more straight, more like a utility knife.  The larger companion knife even had the superficial rust stain impression of a pen-nib on the blade! - lending me to believe this knife started life in a desk drawer.  The larger companion knife also seems to might also have not been sharpened to a serious edge.  

The larger companion blade is a nice blade, though.  I cannot fault it; it fits well in the hand and is a good steel.  The scabbard is my greatest concern.  The scabbard's leather is dry and brittle.  It will take some time to recondition the leather, not that I mind.  :)  The scabbard also came with with a small folding pouch in a fold in front of the companion knives.  This pouch intrigues me.  Was it a money pouch?  Document pouch?  Does anyone know what this little satchel may have held?

All in all, I am most pleased with this purchase. :)

John | August 25, 2013
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This is the second Kukri that I've purchased. The first was the Longleaf type. this is the BhojPurel/with Org. Scabbard. This has the shorter blade & it was in great shape with no rust. There was a stamped cartouch on the but of the grip, very cool. also one of the small knives had a stamped #44 on blade, also very cool. The scabbard was in great shape for an Original.
Rudolph | April 29, 2013
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My Kukri is a very sound and usable knife. The handle is very tight and fits my hand perfect. The edge has one shallow nick that will sharpen out easy. The steel is very hard and resists cutting with a file. Scabbard needs a little repair but very good for the age. The two side knives are not sharp but throw sparks with a piece of flint. Very pleased.
Michael | August 08, 2011
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I opted for the hand-select and was not disappointed.  The grease comes off easily with Goo-Gone and 4X steel wool. The sheath cleaned up nicely with saddle soap. Worth the money. I now have a set of all three, but may purchase more!
Franklin | June 26, 2011
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Mine was hand-selected.   Blade was grease-covered, a few nicks on the cutting edge (sharp) and some minor discoloration.   No markings. Blades on small knives were covered with light rust but cleaned up fine.  Wooden grips were solid.  Leather scabbard was in very good condition for its age and cleaned up fine with an application of saddle soap.
Paul | November 23, 2010
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