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Had mine more than 4 years
Good quality large knife.  Holds an edge well.  I have opened pellet bags with it by the thrust and slice method; very satisfactory.  More than a stage prop.  Wild hog had 2 arrows in it.  Had nothing else; finished it with the D guard Bowie.
Paul | March 30, 2019
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D guard
Great knife, sturdy & beautiful
Dana | November 09, 2018
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Generally has a good feel and balance and is reasonably accurate historically , including the thin slippery, round handle. It could be used as a weapon for thrusting and slashing and also serve as a field tool.
The guard seems a little oversized, but does allow for 2 handed use.
Unknown are the width of the tang and whether it is 1 piece or welded or deferentially heat treated from the blade. Judging by the crude peened end of the tang it is very thin.
As a weapon of choice I would pass on it, too awkward and potentially weak. It would be nice if Windlass would make a combat version with full exposed tang, etc in the same price rang.
4 stars as a replica, 2 stars as a weapon.
Wallace | April 22, 2018
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It is a good knife overall but too many blemish marks on the hilt guard and there is no belt attachment on the sheath.  The sheath could at least use a button or protrusion to attach a frog which could be used for attachment to a belt.
Daniel | November 17, 2016
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WOW, This knife was so much more than I expected for the price!  It's heavy, well made and my husband loved his initials on it. I've never seen him so happy over a gift before! He does reenactments, and said everyone liked the knife. THANK YOU from Florida
Kathryn | December 10, 2014
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Aside from being unsightly, a bad guard-to-blade joint is a sign of poor crftsmanship.

Fixing the wide gaps in the guard-to-blade joint, and having the joint silver-soldered would improve the knife considerably and should be considered by Windlass in future manufacturing quality improvement.

The bad guard to blade fit allows moisture and crud to enter into the handle and potentially cause rust at the critical joint.  A soldered guard would make the joint stronger.

Bohdan | May 07, 2013
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Margaret | May 24, 2010
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