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The umbrella was slightly disapointing.it was shorter Thani thought I believed it was the size  of an average umbelly the tie downs,in a slight wind were inadequate,they came apart.I had to reattach them. Mechanically it operated very well. All in all I would not return it.
Kenneth | February 22, 2016
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I am in the process of returning this item.

Firstly, the "blade" itself - it is literally a kebob skewer in stainless steel. Certainly it could be useful as an improvised weapon but to describe this as a "blade" or "sword" is misleading.

Secondly, drawing the blade, as another reviewer stated, is a very sloppy maneuver. I assume the "double lock" referenced above is - 1. Twist and then 2. Pull, but in practice it is just 1. Pull Slightly Hard; the umbrella opening action is push in the other direction - you can see the issue.

Lastly, the umbrella itself is of poor quality: the fabric is flimsy, very thin and seemingly porous, the ribs do not fit nicely into the very loose, cheap plastic collar as seen above, and the mechanism you use to push the umbrella open is made of the same cheap plastic.
Mohamed | December 04, 2015
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I was disappointed and probably should have sent it back. Trying to draw the sword is a sloppy operation that sort of works. The fabric is cheap and flimsy. I expected more after paying $60.
Thomas | May 01, 2015
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This is an excellent addition to your traveling companionship. If all you have gotten threw with is this, then you have the edge. Strong ,Flexable ,and a great way to stay dry ... I rate this 10 STARS **********. It is something you would pray for not only in the land of British Royalty ,where it would be totaly custom ,but any where ,for there is not one weatherperson on key , So before you spend $$$ on crap you cannot get throught customs ,stay dry with this "peace" of art and fell like you can make a differance in case there is a fallout that you would like to take care of!!!
GOD SPEED..........
Chris | December 21, 2012
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Wow! This is incredible! Going outside I've got an enormous boost of self confidence knowing I've got a strong, sturdy blade with me. My wife doesn't want to carry pepper spray with her everywhere but an umbrella doesn't stick out at all and I feel much better knowing she has some way to defend herself should she need it.
John | April 26, 2011
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