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Almost like the original
Almost like the original from Germany. Not quite the same quality but acceptable.
Anthony | October 02, 2019
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Good to have
Good pocket knife but not as good as the old ones
CECIL | December 04, 2018
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Seems good to go.
Unlike other reviews mine is not marked 'China', but 'Mercator'. Therefore, I believe these are now the legit knives made in Germany by Otter.

Construction seems solid and the knife came paper sharp.

4/5 because the blade came with a few rust spots on it.
Ian | October 14, 2017
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Inexpensive , quality work knife , stays sharp, slim profile fits pocket, if lost, no big deal, just get another.
Robert | December 26, 2016
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I have had a knife in my pocket since 14-15 years of age.I am 61 now.I've had this knife for more than a year and it is the most favorite knife I have ever owned.
Al | December 02, 2015
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The cat knife is the very best all around pocket knife I have ever carried-- I have been a knife carrier since I was a young boy and have carried them all - Several years ago I inherited two of the cat knives from my pop but over time have lost them - I immediately replaced the last one- I hope the finders appreciate what they found --Thanks for letting me submit  J Nooney
Jean | October 12, 2015
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I have used these knives for years and have always bought them from Atlanta Cutlery. The current knives are as good as the early ones. the carry well, are not bulky or heavy and retain a good cutting edge. I just gave one of the two I ordered to a good friend as a gift.
Joseph | August 22, 2015
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Great knife! nice and slender. Good feel. And good looking.
WESLEY | July 21, 2015
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I had this knife only two months. it will no longer close all the way due to a poor spring, ripping my pants pocket. it no longer 'walks and talks' as they say. the blade itself requires sharpening quite often and will not hold an edge, two sharpenings are already wearing down the blade. i have an original from the early 60s purchased in my youth, this is nothing like the original. if you want to throw away $14.95 plus postage, go for it.
B | November 19, 2014
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I actually rate the knife a 4-1/2 STAR Item!  I own both a 50 year old German knife and the newer Chinese assembled version of the Original.  The newer version is best for day to day use because it is tighter and I don't worry about losing it!  This knife is all around Very Good and I recommend it to everyone that carries a pocket-knife!
Carl | April 20, 2013
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Initially I was dissapointed to find out this knife was stamped "China"  However it has turned out to be a strong knife that takes and holds a razor edge.  If you are looking for a slim, sharp, strong and inexpensive lockblade knife, this is it.  
Nathan | March 01, 2011
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Erica | July 19, 2010
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I own an original cat knife my Navy father gave me. He won it in a poker game from a GI just after WWII. My father used it as a regular pocket knife for over 40 years. The original is still in the same near perfect condition as the reproduction I just received from ACC.
Martha | June 23, 2010
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