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Explore our collection of museum quality replica daggers based directly on storied originals of various periods in the history including World Wars I and II. These replica daggers offer a piece of history and make outstanding conversation pieces and gifts.
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DRK WWII Officer’s Dagger

Also known as a Red Cross Leader Hewer, this museum quality dagger features a steel nickel-plated blade and silver/red embroidered dagger knot.

German WWII 2nd Model Naval Dagger

This dagger features intricate brass work and includes dagger knot. The faux ivory grip has a brass wire wrap. Includes a brass sheath. Overall: 15-1/8 inches.

German WWII Youth Dagger with Metal Scabbard

This dagger is made of steel with engraved blade and synthetic scales with embedded emblem. Comes with a metal scabbard with leather belt loop. Overall: 9-3/4 inches

Man-at-Arms Shell Dagger

This Cold Steel Shell Guard style Main Gauche is a 1090 carbon steel parrying dagger with lengthy blued solid steel quillions and shell guard designed to be used with a longer blade.

SA WWII Service Dagger

An exacting replica made of high carbon steel blade. It features a SA runes button, a high-necked grip eagle, a typical RZM grip and gray nickel-plated surfaces.

Scottish Dirk

This modern Dirk has a Rosewood handle capped with contrasting blued-steel guard, bolster & disc-shaped pommel. Leather scabbard included. Overall 18-3/8 inches.