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Rite Edge

Rite Edge knives are made using premium materials like stag and Damascus Steel. From big hunting knives to compact designs that fit easily into your pocket, all are made with craftsmanship for a price that won't break the bank.

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Bullseye Throwing Tomahawk

Here's a compact throwing tomahawk/axe that won't break the bank. Shorter than most tomahawks, but it has a sharpened backspike to increase your chances of sticking the target. Blade is black coated mild carbon steel that measures 7-3/8" across. Solid wood handle is tapered toward the end to help ensure you don't let go of it before you intend to.

Bat-Tastic Double Folder

This bat-themed folder has TWO blades that are just itching for BAT-tle. The wings are printed with a purple lightning motif and the modified scythe blades are perfect for mowing down those pesky evil-doers that roam the dark streets and alleys at night.

Rainbow Dragon Folder

A rainbow-coated dragon might be beautiful, but it still has a bite. And don't forget flames! This gorgeous folding knife features titanium oxide coated stainless steel. Twist it in the light and watch the multi-hued artwork come to life.

El Dorado Stag Hunter

If you're looking for a hunting/outdoor sheath knife that's made like the classics, here's your treasure. This traditional knife pattern would be right at home in the hands of hard-working tradesmen 100 years ago.

Railroad Spike Spear Point

This 1065 steel spear point dagger is one-piece construction with a twisted handle. No loose parts . A leather belt sheath is included.

Damascus Cleaver

It's not often that a Damascus full tang blade is part of a knife with a handle that's as audacious as its own swirling, alternating layers of steel! This cleaver has a grip that's every bit as entertaining to admire as the fabled, folded steel of legend.

Damascus Karambit

This karambit knife has a full tang Damascus Steel blade with decorative ridges on the spine and a smooth thumb rest at the bolster. The steel bolster and finger ring have a brushed finish and are customized with jimping inside next to the tang. The horn scales are bordered by red and brass spacers. Finger ring enhances traditional grip (blade down) and hammer grip (blade up). The leather belt sheath is embossed with a lace border design.

Faux Turquoise Skinner

This acrylic handled knife looks like the real deal and features realistic looking faux turquoise scales and real brass with black painted accents. Full profile tang Damascus blade with jimping on the spine of the blade allows you to slide your thumb up for a great grip. Overall 7-1/4"