Self Defense and Other Weapons

Atlanta Cutlery carries self defense batons, neck knives, canes that are perfect self-defense weapons for seniors and can be used as home protection weapons, and other self-defense weapons for women and men. You can walk with confidence with our quality weapons designed for your protection.

Many are lightweight and easy to carry and engage in an emergency. So whether you are looking for the best self-defense weapons for cars, self-defense weapons for runners or even self-defense weapons for the disabled, we may have something for you in our collection. 

  • Javelin Head

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Javelin Head

    # 600038

    Our replica javelin head has been hand-forged of tempered steel. Modeled after the deadly spears used by the light infantry of the ancient Greek Peltasts, these spearheads will fit a 7/8" wooden shaft. Overall 9 inches.  The Peltasts or light...
  • Ironwood Walking Stick

    Ironwood Walking Stick

    # 804459

    Handmade in Texas from a very dense hardwood, American Hornbeam (also known as ironwood) each walking stick is one-of-a-kind. Features a lanyard thong and non-slip, thick rubber tip.  If a wood could be tough as nails, this Ironwood Walking Staff is...
  • Iron Feasting Utensils w/ Pouch

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Iron Feasting Utensils w/ Pouch

    # 800438

    These feasting utensils fit in a tie-fold, leather belt pouch. Handle for each piece features the traditional blacksmith’s twist. Approximately 8" long overall.  Finally, feasting utensils for the re-enactor on the go! Great for Viking and medieval...
  • Indian War Club

    Cold Steel

    Indian War Club

    # 600906

    This ball headed club is injection molded out of black Polypropylene. Approximately 2 ft. long, it features a 3-1/4" in diameter ball fitted with a removable, short steel spike.  No one knows when the ball headed war club first appeared. It was in...
  • USMC Glass Stein with Lid

    USMC Glass Stein with Lid

    # 805559

    This is an officially licensed, high-quality glass stein emblazoned with the Marine Corps. emblem. Made in Germany with thick, star-bottomed Italian glass and German metal parts.  This is an officially licensed, high-quality glass stein emblazoned...
  • RC Mini Submarine

    RC Mini Submarine

    # 805346

    Will dive up to 39" and even has 2 LED searchlights! 3 channel remote control for realistic descents and ascents. Working rudder lets you navigate toy-infested waters with ease! Easy enough to operate for kids as young as 8 years old. Durable plastic...
  • USMC Desert Ops Sawback Machete

    United Cutlery

    USMC Desert Ops Sawback Machete

    # 601138

    The machete has a stainless steel blade and heavy-duty saw serrations running the length of the spine. Printed on the blade are the words “Honor, Courage, Commitment.” The grippy handle has ridged ABS handle scales secured to the full tang with...

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