Self Defense and Other Weapons

Atlanta Cutlery carries self defense batons, neck knives, canes that are perfect self-defense weapons for seniors and can be used as home protection weapons, and other self-defense weapons for women and men. You can walk with confidence with our quality weapons designed for your protection.

Many are lightweight and easy to carry and engage in an emergency. So whether you are looking for the best self-defense weapons for cars, self-defense weapons for runners or even self-defense weapons for the disabled, we may have something for you in our collection. 

  • Sjambok - 54"

    Cold Steel

    Sjambok - 54"

    # 401696

    This African Sjambok whip / prod is made of durable polypropylene and Kraton. Overall 54 inches.  In Africa, the Sjambok (Sham-Bawk) is a cattle prod, a whip, a riding crop and a means of self-protection. Unlike most western style whips, the Sjambok...
  • Gunstock War Club

    Cold Steel

    Gunstock War Club

    # 600907

    This Gun Stock shaped club is injection molded out of black Polypropylene with a realistic wood grain finish. Includes features like the ridged centerline, sharp point, and the classic "Fawn's Foot" handle. Overall Length 29-1/2 inches.  One of the...
  • Blackthorn Shillelagh

    Cold Steel

    Blackthorn Shillelagh

    # 804476

    This Cold Steel Shillelagh mimics the look, feel, and balance of a blackthorn cudgel, but is made from high-impact polymer that will withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It will never crack, warp, swell, or splinter, plus it’s easy to clean if...
  • Rattan 6' Bo Staff - Burned and Carved

    Master Cutlery

    Rattan 6' Bo Staff - Burned and Carved

    # 805231

    Wickedly fast in the right hands, this 6' rattan bo staff is perfect for training, sparring and demos. Naturally strong, flexible and rugged, the skin is hand burned for a unique pattern with some simple wave carving toward each end.  This 6' rattan...
  • Hook Self Defense Cane

    United Cutlery

    Hook Self Defense Cane

    # 804454

    This Hook Self-Defense Cane is constructed of strong fiber-filled nylon making it almost indestructible. The end of the hook comes to a point which really grabs onto opponents.  Constructed of strong fiber-filled nylon, this Night Watchmen Hook...
  • Primitive Hickory Tire Thumper

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Primitive Hickory Tire Thumper

    # 805389

    Tire thumpers are used by truck drivers worldwide to check the inflation on their vehicle's tires.  Tire thumpers are used by truck drivers worldwide to check the inflation on their vehicle's tires. Ours is made like a frontiersman would do it. An...
  • Pocket Shark

    Cold Steel

    Pocket Shark

    # 802959

    This permanent marker is virtually unbreakable. Made from high-impact polymer with walls that are 4 times thicker than conventional markers, it's built for impact. Overall 6-1/2 inches.  As the saying goes, "the pen is mightier than the sword."...
  • Urban Pal

    Cold Steel

    Urban Pal

    # 403475

    Urban Pal is a survival neck knife with a 1.5 inch long blade. Comes with a tough, Secure-Ex sheath. Overall 3-1/8 inches.  The Urban Pal should be standard equipment for survival in today's urban jungle. At 3/4 of an ounce, it's perfectly at home...

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