Self Defense and Other Weapons

Atlanta Cutlery carries self defense batons, neck knives, canes that are perfect self-defense weapons for seniors and can be used as home protection weapons, and other self-defense weapons for women and men. You can walk with confidence with our quality weapons designed for your protection.

Many are lightweight and easy to carry and engage in an emergency. So whether you are looking for the best self-defense weapons for cars, self-defense weapons for runners or even self-defense weapons for the disabled, we may have something for you in our collection. 

  • Victorian Sword Cane

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Victorian Sword Cane

    # 600970

    This deadly sidearm is one of the most beautiful sword canes ever produced by Windlass Steelcrafts. The highly detailed hardwood shaft has been black enameled and is accented with a hand-carved bone ring and topped off with actual horn. The end has a...
  • Knob Sword Cane

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Knob Sword Cane

    # 600180

    This cane features a full-length rapier blade in 1075 high carbon steel. The grip and pommel head are solid aluminum. Non-slip rubber tip. Overall 36 inches.   You too can own this knob sword cane supplied by Atlanta Cutlery for the Blockbuster...
  • Zap Stun Cane with Flashlight

    Zap Stun Cane with Flashlight

    # 802812

    This 1 million volt Zap Cane provides peace of mind for non-lethal protection. The built-in handle light brightens those dark walks. High-strength aluminum cane body with steel contact points and an insulated rubber-coated handle.  The Zap Cane is...
  • Honshu Sword Cane


    Honshu Sword Cane

    # 601093

    The unique design features a tonfa styled handle grip, the reverse of a normal walking cane. The handle is gripped underhand like a traditional Asian tonfa, created a more secure non-slip hold for walking and allowing for a quick release and thrust-punch...
  • Gil Hibben Custom Sword Cane

    Gil Hibben

    Gil Hibben Custom Sword Cane

    # 601133

    This sword cane has a wooden shaft. The tanto blade is mirror-polished 7CR17 stainless steel with a synthetic ivory and wood handle. The blade snaps into the shaft and releases with a blade release mechanism built into the handle.  The master...
  • Night Watchman Heavy Duty Sword Cane

    United Cutlery

    Night Watchman Heavy Duty Sword Cane

    # 601090

    The Night Watchman Heavy Duty Sword Cane can assist you in walking while adding an extra measure of self-defense. This inconspicuous cane conceals a razor-sharp, 1060 high carbon steel blade ready to defend you at a moment's notice.  United...
  • Boker Plus OTF Pen Knife with Full Auto Blade

    Boker USA Inc

    Boker Plus OTF Pen Knife with Full Auto Blade

    # 404650

    Sign your name and cut a deal! This fully functional ink pen contains a very convenient knife blade – perfect for opening packages, or tackling any small cutting chores. Just twist the handle to reveal the pen point, or push up on the clip to extend the...

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