Shirts & Tunics

We carry shirts and tunics from a variety of eras, from Medieval to the frontier days of the old west. 

  • Viking Tunic - Woolen

    Viking Tunic - Woolen

    # 100804

    This wool blend tunic has a thick Nordic design trim at the sleeves, collar, and hem. Comes in grey, brown or crimson. Dry clean only.  These wool blend Viking tunics are made with rich fabric which is heavy and accurate to the period. The sleeves,...
  • Viking Tunic - Cotton

    Viking Tunic - Cotton

    # 100018

    Our 100% cotton replica is patterned like the originals and comes in green or brown. A Nordic style trim decorates the hem, sleeves, and open neck. One size fits most, also available in XXL (fits up to 58" chest). Belt not included.   During the...

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