Stocking Stuffers & Secret Santa Gifts

Why spend hours running around finding great stocking stuffers when we’re here to help. Our unusual gifts are here to transform that regular stocking into a powerful festive gifting weapon! These make great gifts to complete your Secret Santa Lists too!

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  • Keysmart Key Holder


    Keysmart Key Holder

    # 804628

    The compact Keysmart key holder creates the perfect pocket organizer and minimalist keyring. Incredibly versatile with a selection of accessories, these organizers are expandable to your needs. Holds up to 8 standard-sized keys. Choice of black, blue, or...
  • Dark Breeze Rainbow Folder

    Tac Force

    Dark Breeze Rainbow Folder

    # 404593

    This spring assisted fantasy pocket knife has a blade that resembles a dragon's face if you use your imagination, and the wavy contours in the metal scales subtly suggest leathery wings. Liner lock with removable belt/pocket clip.  This fantasy...
  • Damascus Turquoise Skinner

    Rite Edge

    Damascus Turquoise Skinner

    # 404448

    This attractive skinner knife has a full tang Damascus steel blade with darkened wood and turquoise scales and solid brass rivets and spacer.  This Turquoise Skinner knife has a full tang Damascus steel blade with darkened wood and turquoise scales...
  • KA-BAR Hobo

    KA-BAR Knives Inc

    KA-BAR Hobo

    # 801190

    This is the classic slide-apart outdoor dining kit. Made of durable 3Cr13 stainless steel, each piece separates for the versatility of 3 separate utensils. Includes spoon, lock-back knife, fork and ballistic nylon sheath.  The KA-BAR Hobo - we're...
  • RC Mini Battleship

    RC Mini Battleship

    # 805347

    Patrol the vast seas! Defend the homeland against interlopers! Send that goofy rubber duckie back to the toy box! This little ship is one of the smallest remote control battleships in the world and is easy enough to operate for kids as young as 8 years...
  • Railroad Spike Clip Point

    Rite Edge

    Railroad Spike Clip Point

    # 404453

    This 1065 steel knife has a rough forged finish with one-piece construction. No loose parts, just a fully functional, interesting knife that gets attention.  This knife is made from 1065 steel with a rough forged finish. One-piece construction, so...
  • Purple Fantasy Folder


    Purple Fantasy Folder

    # 404155

    The blend of vogue and utility, the Purple Fantasy Folder is for people who would not compromise on either.  This assisted opening frame lock folder has out-of-this world good looks! The 440 stainless steel blade is anodized to a bold, eye catching...
  • Heavy Duty Short Scimitar

    Rite Edge

    Heavy Duty Short Scimitar

    # 404643

    The famous and exotic blade shape from the ancient middle east makes for an equally exotic, heavy-duty chopping knife. The rough forged blade reminds you of the hard work a blacksmith performs to create it. Almost 1/4” thick with full tang construction,...

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