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Stocking Stuffers & Secret Santa Gifts

Why spend hours running around finding great stocking stuffers when we’re here to help. Our unusual gifts are here to transform that regular stocking into a powerful festive gifting weapon! These make great gifts to complete your Secret Santa Lists too!

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Bosom Dagger

This Bosom Dagger is a modern version of the knife women kept close to their hearts for emergency protection centuries ago. Women in the American west could wear boot daggers, but traditional finery left few places to hide a blade for easy retrieval. This little dagger has a full tang stainless steel blade with laminated gray wooden scales. Easy to hide, includes a leather sheath.

Bullseye Throwing Tomahawk

Here's a compact throwing tomahawk/axe that won't break the bank. Shorter than most tomahawks, but it has a sharpened backspike to increase your chances of sticking the target. Blade is black coated mild carbon steel that measures 7-3/8" across. Solid wood handle is tapered toward the end to help ensure you don't let go of it before you intend to.

Bat-Tastic Double Folder

This bat-themed folder has TWO blades that are just itching for BAT-tle. The wings are printed with a purple lightning motif and the modified scythe blades are perfect for mowing down those pesky evil-doers that roam the dark streets and alleys at night.

Leatherneck Folder

The ABS grips on this inexpensive folder are durably printed with segmented brown sections to remind you of the stacked leather grip of the original knife. Glass-breaker pommel spike and integral guard/flipper make this tribute folder a handy companion for your daily cutting challenges. Liner lock. Removable pocket clip. Coated stainless steel clip point blade with fuller.

Bundeswehr Style Multi-Use Folder

This multi-function Bundeswehr-style pocket knife of the West German military has a stainless spear-point blade, standard screwdriver, bottle opener, highly functional saw blade with protective cover, corkscrew, and punch/awl.

Dakota Pocket Carabiner Multi-Tool

This pocket tool from Dakota may be one of the most gentlemanly multi-tools out there. Perfect for hanging from belt loops, backpacks, or purses. Only 3-5/8" closed.

Rough Ryder Blue Moon Pocket Knife

Here's a classic trapper pattern pocket knife with a twist - a bone handle dyed deep blue with a crescent moon shield.

Cardsharp Credit Card Knife

Originally designed as a disposable surgical knife for medics, paramedics, and aid workers, the Cardsharp is an innovative, super-light folder that's the size of a credit card and not much thicker.