Gifts for Sword Lovers

There are blades in our catalog that are the perfect gift for sword lovers. So, if you have someone in your life that is into historical swords, we have compiled a list of items they may fancy. While the majority of the products in the list are understandably swords (metal and wooden) like military swords, historical and pirate swords, or Asian katanas. There are also gauntlets, a sword belt, a book on swords, a sword and gun maintenance kit, and letter openers inspired by… you guessed it, swords! Take a look.

  • 1840 Ames NCO Sword

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    1840 Ames NCO Sword

    # 500836

    This single-edged blade has a single broad fuller. Features a cast brass hilt, ribbed grip flanked by kidney-shaped hand guards. Pommel is global with a capstan. Blade length 31-3/4 inches. 1075 high carbon steel blade comes factory sharp.   The...
  • Warrior Katana

    Cold Steel

    Warrior Katana

    # 501246

    The Warrior Series of Japanese styled swords from Cold Steel offers an affordable blade by omitting the expensive mirror polish and using a more practical finish. This Warrior Katana is very handsome and shares the same 1055 steel, heat treatment and...

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