Tomahawks, Axes and Hammers

Throughout history, tomahawks and axes have been important tools for survival. Built for chopping, as well as cutting, they were even seen on the battlefield. We have a large selection of tactical and survival tomahawks, axes, and hammers. Many are balanced for throwing and can be used for competition or just for fun. 

  • Bearded Viking Ax

    Rite Edge

    Viking Bearded Axe

    # 601156

    High carbon steel head design made famous by Norse warriors. Fully functional, but comes with dull edge ready to be sharpened. Head is 6-1/2” wide and has a 4-5/8” long cutting edge. 17” overall. 1 lb, 11 oz.
  • Trench Hawk

    Cold Steel

    Trench Hawk

    # 600910

    This tomahawk is drop forged 5150 carbon steel, differentially hardened. Polypropylene handle. Includes articulated Secure-Ex sheath. Overall 19 inches.  One stroke from either vicious side of this Trench Hawk from Cold Steel and it is all over...
  • Hatchet Blade Blank

    Hatchet Blade Blank

    # 701111

    Here’s a chance to try your hand at making a fully functional small hatchet. The blade is completely finished, so all your work will be on the handle.  Here’s a chance to try your hand at making a fully functional small hatchet. The blade is...
  • Templar Throwing Axe

    Cold Steel

    Templar Throwing Axe

    # 601016

    This Throwing Axe is made of one solid piece of tough spring tempered carbon steel.  The Templar Throwing Axe is a specialized throwing tool made for modern sport or competition throwers. Inspired by an ancient historical throwing axe known as a...
  • Frontier Axe

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Frontier Axe

    # 600770

    This distinct axe is perfect for throwing with its solid steel head and hardwood shaft.  This distinct axe style was used in the early days of the United States in conflicts all the way up to the 1800's, although the style had been in use since...
  • Francesca Medieval Axe

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Francesca Medieval Axe

    # 601027

    This hand-forged, high-carbon steel medieval axe is inspired by Frankish weapons used for hand to hand combat as well as a throwing weapon. It has a rustic forge finished blade and a curved wooden shaft.  This Francesca axe is a beautiful example...
  • Competition Tomahawk

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Competition Tomahawk

    # 600242

    Great for backyard recreation, the 4" edge on the hand-forged steel head tomahawk provides maximum target penetration, and the round poll holds the American Hickory handle snugly.  The 4" edge on this tomahawk gives you the maximum target...
  • Bullseye Throwing Tomahawk

    Rite Edge

    Bullseye Throwing Tomahawk

    # 601144

    Here's a compact throwing tomahawk/axe that won't break the bank. Shorter than most tomahawks, but it has a sharpened backspike to increase your chances of sticking the target. Blade is black coated mild carbon steel that measures 7-3/8" across. Solid...

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