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Training Knives

Training knives and training sabers or swords may not be sexy, but are quite possibly the most valuable of any knives and swords you may own. It is one thing to own a knife or saber or sword and another thing all together when it comes to actually using them.

Training knives and sabers allow you to practice safely either by yourself or with others. You’ll find live steel to be a dangerous alternative and training partners may be tough to come by when you’re always putting them in the hospital. Stunt men and women train with them for months ahead of shooting and martial artists, both Western and Eastern use them for katas and dueling. 

Training blades allow for the safe use or “weapons” with realistic feel, balance and weight of the real thing. They can feature alternate materials like rubber, plastic, polypropylene, aluminum, latex and wood. They can also be steel. But whatever the choice of material, the most important features are the strong handles and full tangs plus the additional safety of thick blades, blunt tips and rolled edges.

Training knives, training sabers, bokken can all be used to represent a variety of cultures and eras. There are US Civil War training sabers, katana shaped versions and of course contemporary blades issued by the military swords today. Even folding knives have safer ways to draw and practice cutting, slicing, chopping with reasonable safety. 

At Atlanta Cutlery (ACC) we have a fight team that tests, when needed, the practice tools of the trade before they reach your hands to be sure you have a very good tool to develop your blade wielding skills. It’s not as though you can’t be hurt using these training tools, bruises and broken bones can occur when careless, but with care and common sense you can avoid the most grievous of injuries.

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Rubber Trainer Military Classic

Training & practice knife by Cold Steel with Santoprene rubber blade. Overall 11-1/2 inches.

Trainer Dagger

The Japanese training dagger is made from the heaviest commercial grade polypropylene. Overall 20 inches.

Rubber Trainer Black Bear Classic

Cold Steel's training rubber Black Bear dagger can be effectively used in solo practice, training drills, disarm drills and demonstrations. Overall 13-1/8 inches.

Rubber Trainer Recon Tanto

Cold Steel's training rubber Tanto dagger can be effectively used in solo practice, training drills, disarm drills and demonstrations. Overall 11-3/4 inches.

Boker Plus Training Knife Set

These training knives closely resemble the size and weight of the Applegate-Fairbairn fighting knives. Set of 2 knives. Overall 11-1/2 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Rubber Trainer Military Classic

Good for practice
Reviewed by: Sean, June 30, 2021

Review of: Trainer Dagger

One more must have!  Super durable and fun to play with.  I mean train.  Yes, train....not play!
Reviewed by: Steve, February 17, 2021

Review of: Rubber Trainer Recon Tanto

Airsoft players:
If you need a knife for airsoft this is the one you want. Completely safe and yet not floppy like this toy rubber things. These also will slide into your molle gear and stay securely in place and yet be easily pulled when the need arises. You'll never hurt anyone with it, but it looks great and will work perfectly. Well worth the investment. Stuck in your molle gear you wont even need a sheath. Have fun...and call your hits.
Reviewed by: Michael, January 19, 2017

Review of: Trainer Dagger

Bigger than it looks and very tough. Bought two of these for fighting with my young son. He was rapping my knuckles pretty good with the Japanese style trainers from Cold Steel so I chose these for the big guards. They are totally awesome.
Reviewed by: Alex, December 04, 2012