Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tools

Zombie Apocalypse

You never know when a zombie apocalypse will begin, but we want you to be ready when the end of days comes calling.

To ensure your survival, you must be equipped with the right knowledge of how to survive a zombie apocalypse and the best zombie apocalypse weapons.

Self defense for surviving the zombie apocalypse is essential, and so is survival in general when things go really bad. This is your survival prep HQ with everything you need, right from - zombie tools, zombie survival kits, zombie axe to zombie swords. There are many different types of apocalypse weapons to choose from. Explore now!

  • Honshu Boshin Wakizashi


    Honshu Boshin Wakizashi

    # 501519

    This Wakizashi has a sharp, full tang 1060 high carbon steel blade. Satin finished blade, guard and pommel. Slip-free TPR grip. Includes wooden scabbard with leather wrapping. Overall 32-3/4 inches.  United Cutlery's Honshu Boshin Wakizashi is a...
  • Honshu Boshin Katana


    Honshu Boshin Katana

    # 601035

    This katana sword has a razor sharp, 1060 high carbon steel, full tang blade. Advanced textured TPR rubber no-slip grip.  United Cutlery''s Honshu Boshin Katana fuses tradition and innovation. Features a full-tang blade that is razor sharp and very...
  • Hibben Legionnaire Bowie II

    Gil Hibben

    Hibben Legionnaire Bowie II

    # 404442

    Gil Hibben has released a second version of his exceptional Legionnaire movie knife. This Bowie knife has a sharp, 7Cr17 stainless steel blade with a mirror-polished finish. A premium leather belt sheath protects the blade and provides a comfortable...
  • The Expendables Bowie Knife

    Gil Hibben

    The Expendables Bowie Knife

    # 403525

    Designed for "The Expendables" movie, this exact replica features a stabilized synthetic ivory handle accented with a gold-plated blade catcher and historically-styled guard. Includes leather belt sheath and Certificate of Authenticity.  Designed by...
  • End Times Machete

    End Times Machete

    # 601067

    This cool looking machete is lightweight, has a saw back blade with cut outs and a comfortable mold over rubber handle. Includes nylon belt sheath.  The stainless steel blade of this machete is ready for the apocalypse. The rugged plastic handle is...
  • Caltrops - 2 Sets of 10

    Caltrops - 2 Sets of 10

    # 804758

    These light, strong and easy to carry defense tool is made of stainless steel with a black finish. Includes 2 sets of 10 pieces.  Effective defensive measure dating back to Roman times, these modern stainless steel representations remind us of the...
  • Z-Hunter Throwing Knives

    Master Cutlery

    Z-Hunter Throwing Knives

    # 404062

    These set of 3 Z-Hunter Throwing Knives are made of one piece of stainless steel and are thicker and heavier than the norm. Overall 8" long. Belt sheath included.  This set of 3 Z-Hunter Throwing Knives are thicker than the norm. Each knife carries...
  • Windlass Cobra Steel Wakizashi

    Windlass Cobra Steel

    Windlass Cobra Steel Wakizashi

    # 501391

    This outdoor, rugged version of Wakizashi, is well balanced tactical chopper with a full profile tang for strength. Factory sharp, includes leather sheath with metal throat and tip.   We’ve had many requests from bush pilots for an outdoor,...

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