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20th Century War Holsters

Military holsters are a category of holster unto themselves. Unlike civilian belt rigs, those issued to the military, be it US, British, French, or German, generally had to meet a specified requirement for design. In this regard, nearly all military holsters used during World War I and World War II, regardless of origin, were full-flap holsters. carries high quality, faithful reproductions of these holsters.

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US GI WWII S&W Victory Holster

The official holster used by our troops for the Smith & Wesson Victory model revolver, our replica is brown leather. The flap is embossed “US” and closes on a brass stud. Includes belt hangers for attaching to standard web belt.

British .455 Webley Revolver Holster

Our high quality top grained leather British .455 Webley Revolver Holster will fit the officer’s leather belt or web garrison belt.

P-38 Hardshell Luger Holster German WWII AfrikaKorps

A replica of the P 38 holsters is constructed exactly as the originals in heavy brown leather with white stitching, bearing duplicate AfrikaKorps markings, maker codes and Waffenamt markings.

German WWII AfrikaKorps P-08 Hardshell Luger Holster

This magnificent replica AfrikaKorps brown leather P 08 Luger holster is correct in all respects including the use of AfrikaKorps brown leather with white stitching as originally issued.

US M7 Shoulder Holster

This reproduction WWII-era shoulder holster is made from top-grain leather with black finished metal hardware. Designed to fit 1911 style guns, it also fits Beretta 92, full-size Glocks, and similar guns.

P-38 Soft Shell Holster German Marked

This is a perfect replica of the German Soft Shell P-38 Holster in black leather with a spare magazine pouch and SS Markings duplicated on back. Ideal for re-enactors and collectors.
$37.95 $29.95

P-38 Hardshell Holster German Marked

This replica hardshell holster is made from heavy black finished leather with spare mag pouch. Perfect for re-enactors or just a good home for your P-38 pistol.

US 1911 Style Brown Holster

This US Officer's Holster is designed to fit standard 1911 style handguns. Made from top-grain heavy leather with a warm satin finish and sewn with waxed linen thread, it comes complete with leather leg-thong.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: British .455 Webley Revolver Holster

Very well made. Good quality leather.
Reviewed by: George, June 12, 2020

Review of: British .455 Webley Revolver Holster

Nicely made!
Reviewed by: Kathleen, July 20, 2019

Review of: US M7 Shoulder Holster

Gorgeous and useful. An iconic holster!
Reviewed by: JEFFREY, December 28, 2018

Review of: US M7 Shoulder Holster

Great holster for a WW2 tanker display
Reviewed by: Gilmore, December 21, 2018

Review of: US M7 Shoulder Holster

In the Marine Corps we did not wear the M7 as pictured. We found it much more comfortable to wear the upper strap over our left shoulder, that placed the pistol back under the armpit and took the strain off the right shoulder.
Reviewed by: Ronnie, December 20, 2018

Review of: P-38 Hardshell Luger Holster German WWII AfrikaKorps

I purchased this for use as my deep woods carry holster for a 9MM S
Reviewed by: Gregory, May 19, 2018

Review of: US M7 Shoulder Holster

I ordered the John Wayne .45 pistol along with the M7 Shoulder holster and very happy with both items.  I also ordered the M16 rifle and very happy with this order as well.  Service was great.  Shipment was fast and packing was great as well.  Happy with all my orders, shipment, packing and service and looking forward to future orders.  Thank you.
Reviewed by: , May 20, 2017

Review of: US M7 Shoulder Holster

I found this shoulder holster very comfortable even when doing work around the woods - back off, coyotes :)

I'd love to see a left-handed version of this should holster!
Reviewed by: John, October 18, 2015

Review of: US M7 Shoulder Holster

I am in the process of breaking in the holster. Fits good and comfortable.
Reviewed by: Robert G. , May 03, 2015

Review of: US M7 Shoulder Holster

Wore this same holster during my time in Afghanistan - it's perfect for the guys in flightsuits.
Reviewed by: Mark, January 02, 2015