Pants & Trousers has pants and trousers for both the Civil War and World War re-enactor.

  • Pirate Pants


    Pirate Pants

    # 100518

    These pants are made of 100% cotton and ideal for a range of historical ensembles. They feature drawstring waist, slightly flared legs and deep pockets.  This long pair of durable 100% cotton pants are perfect for a variety of outfits, including...
  • Confederate Jean Wool Pants

    Legendary Arms, Inc.

    Confederate Jean Wool Pants

    # 101147

    These Confederate Jean Wool Pants are made from the traditional top quality jean wool are an authentic representation of the era and perfect for any re-enactor. Available in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 48 and 50.  Matching Jacket and Vest available.
  • Confederate Enlisted Men's Gray Trousers

    Legendary Arms, Inc.

    Confederate Enlisted Men's Grey Trousers

    # 100920

    These confederate grey enlisted men’s trousers are made from quality wool. Period trousers are worn quite loose and have a one inch higher rise than today’s blue jeans. The legs are left unhemmed so you may hem them to fit you.  These trousers have two...
  • Enlisted Men's Trousers Infantry Blue

    Legendary Arms, Inc.

    Enlisted Men's Trousers Infantry Blue

    # 100918

    These infantry blue enlisted men’s trousers are made from quality wool. The legs are left unhemmed. These trousers have two side seam pockets, a button fly and suspender buttons.  These infantry blue enlisted men’s trousers are made from quality...
  • Wayfarer Pants


    Wayfarer Pants

    # 101554

    These pants, made of soft rayon, complement a wide range of historical outfits. Buttons at the front of the waist help cater to a variety of sizes. Lace-up calves and hidden side pockets.  These Wayfarer Pants are a great pair of versatile pants for...
  • Ladies Frontier Pantaloons


    Ladies Frontier Pantaloons

    # 101621

    These white pantaloons are soft cotton with an elastic waist. Lace at the knees and pretty blue ribbon detailing finish the piece. Perfect to complete your frontier look!  Bloomers like these were popular in the old west. When paired with our...

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