Throwing Knives

Knife throwing is an inexpensive, fun game that almost anyone can participate in. It's a challenge that never gets boring. Whether you throw for sport or fun, you'll find an assortment of well balanced throwing knives at Atlanta Cutlery.

  • Throwing Bowie Knife

    Szco Supplies

    Throwing Bowie Knife

    # 400794

    This massive throwing Bowie is tough enough for hours of target practice. Stainless steel blade, smooth rosewood handle scales and solid brass cross guard completes this classic 19th century style knife. Comes with a leather scabbard. Order 2 for $49...
  • KA-BAR Throwing Knife Set

    KA-BAR Knives Inc

    KA-BAR Throwing Knife Set

    # 404503

    This set of 3 rugged throwing knives are made of blackened 3Cr13 steel and marked with the KA-BAR Skull logo. Includes polyester storage pouch.  The KA-BAR throwing knife set features three throwing knives and a polyester storage pouch. The rugged...
  • Unique Triple Threat Throwing Knives


    Unique Triple Threat Throwing Knives

    # 403383

    Unique set of 3 throwing knives with nylon belt sheath. Blackened, one-piece stainless steel with cut-outs for proper weight distribution. 6-3/8 inches.  Awesome little throwers with great, even weight (very important for penetration and distance)...
  • Perfect Balance Thrower

    Cold Steel

    Perfect Balance Thrower

    # 403487

    This throwing knife takes inspiration from a 1950s classic. The strong 1055 carbon steel construction, black rust resistant finish and replaceable composite handle scales make it durable enough for thousands of throws.  Cold Steel's Perfect Balance...
  • True Flight Thrower

    Cold Steel

    True Flight Thrower

    # 403330

    This True Flight throwing knife from Cold Steel is made of 1055 carbon steel and finished with a black, baked-on protective coat. Includes Cordura Sheath. Overall 12" long.  There are a bewildering number of throwing knives on the market these days,...
  • Throwing Sharks


    Throwing Sharks

    # 404545

    Throw A Shark or Three! You can call these little guys throwing sharks, baby sharks, land sharks, or just a whole lot of fun. Three species of shark throwing knives inhabit the included belt sheath - blue, gold, and rainbow. Each is a compact 6-1/2" long...
  • Throwing Knives - Set of 3


    Throwing Knives - Set of 3

    # 403232

    Set of 3, solid 440 stainless steel black throwing knives.  This set of 3 black throwing knives are made of solid 440 stainless steel. These well-balanced knives come with a nylon sheath. Overall: 8-1/2" long, 1-3/8" wide  
  • Gil Hibben Gen III Throwing Knife Set

    Gil Hibben

    Gil Hibben Gen III Throwing Knife Set

    # 404587

    Improve your throwing skills when you practice with these Gil Hibben throwing knives. Each hefty knife is made with solid, one-piece stainless steel construction that is 1/8” at their thickest, and have a razor-sharp, 3 1/4” edge on each side that comes...

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