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  • Tactical single-handed broadsword with 1060 carbon steel blade, textured black TPR handle for a firm grip, stainless steel pommel


    Honshu Single-Handed Broadsword

    # 501877

    Honshu continues to expand its exceptional sword line and this sleek, tactical single-handed broadsword is a must-have for your collection! Here’s a well-made, modern spin on a proven, time-tested sword design with sleek, rugged tactical...
  • Gerber Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver Utility Blade is great for outdoor tasks and includes a sheath

    Gerber Knives & Multi-Tools

    Gerber Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver

    # 601068

    At home on the trail, in the backyard kitchen, or at a tailgate, the standout design of the Tri-Tip rewrites what a utility blade can do. The robust, full-tang cleaver blade has two functions: a beveled leading edge is ideally positioned for scraping...
  • Licensed Dune Long Blade of Duncan Idaho with wood wall display and certificate of authenticity

    United Cutlery

    Dune-Long Blade of Duncan

    # 501879

    This stunning replica of the Duncan Idaho long blade is an exact reproduction of the actual filming prop used in the films. The stainless steel blade is finished in a semi-gloss black coating and engraved with the Caladanian letters TVWYZ, an acronym...
  • Affordable katana has sharp, hand forged 1045 carbon steel blade, simulated hamon faux rayskin grip, includes display stand and storage box

    Szco Supplies

    Hand Forged Katana

    # 501846

    This affordable sword features a hand forged 1045 carbon steel blade that is razor sharp. Includes a display stand and a fabric lined storage box that’s covered with faux silk. A great set for the price.   This affordable sword features a...
  • military surplus in new unused condition US Army issue SPECS protective glasses with lanyard and extra set of ear pieces

    Military Surplus

    US Army Issue Protective Glasses

    # 750077

    In the original manufacturer’s packaging in new, unused condition. These US Army issue SPECS protective glasses include the original instruction manual, lanyard and extra set of ear pieces with hook ends that wrap around the back of your ears...
  • Frontier Canoe Knife handmade in the USA has a drop point, full tang blade, American Curly Maple scales

    River Traders

    Frontier Canoe Knife

    # 404814

    Handmade in the USA by River Traders. Beautifully coal fired, full tang blade is thin for efficient slicing and features a Mediterranean notch which aids while tying fishing line and actually can be used to strip sinew. This medium length drop point is...
  • versatile leather bag with strap for many historical eras, generously sized for currency, food, personal care items

    Szco Supplies

    Leather Pouch w/ Shoulder Strap

    # 805454

    Here’s a handy versatile bag that works with just about any period costume you can throw at it. Generously sized for currency, food, small first aid kits, personal care items and such.   Here’s a handy versatile bag that works with...
  • Shogun assisted opening EDC knife from Wartech has Shogun mask print on one side, frame lock, belt clip, katana like blade


    Folder of the Shogun

    # 404491

    This Asian inspired EDC knife is a real beauty and fierce as well. The solid stainless steel handle with frame lock is stout in the hand. The Shogun mask print on one side is handsome and demonic at the same time.   This Asian inspired EDC knife...

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