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Find unique products made in the USA. These made-in-America products create jobs and opportunities for local communities.

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Boker Plus OTF "USB" Pocket Knife Grey & Green

It looks like a USB stick, but slide the thumb rest forward and the spring-loaded blade pops out the front of the handle and securely stays there. Made in the USA.

Boker Plus OTF "USB" Pocket Knife Black

It looks like a USB stick, but slide the thumb rest forward and the spring-loaded blade pops out the front of the handle and securely stays there. Made in the USA.

KA-BAR Sweet Move Slingshot

KA-BAR's first ever slingshot, this tough, light projectile launcher is perfect for backyard, camping, or hiking. The Ultramid polymer frame has a grip that is modeled after the iconic "KA-BAR" Marine knife handle.

KA-BAR Red Spacer Fighting Knife

KA-BAR made a few of their first fighting knives with red spacers, making those early examples highly collectible. The first production run was shipped by Camillus Cutlery on January 23, 1943 (interesting fact: the co-designer was Major America). KA-BAR's "State & Union" shop has created a small number of exact replicas, with leather washers that are shaped by hand and dyed to create an aged finish.

Ek50 Commando Short Clip Point Fighting Knife

Made in the USA, this knife is from the fabled John Ek Commando Knife Company (now a subsidiary of the equally fabled KA-BAR). The Viet-Nam era beveled grip design is constructed of indestructible Ultramid polymer, affixed with Ek's traditional trio of large screw rivets. The modified clip point, 1095 Cro-Van steel blade is parkerized and has an integral finger guard. It's also shorter than the original blade to be more versatile for practical use. Celcon sheath has a belt loop and is MOLLE compatible.

Windlass Rustblocker Non-Aerosol Spray

Now in an environmentally friendly plastic spray pump bottle! We have improved Windlass Rustblocker by replacing the metal aerosol can with a plastic 16 oz recyclable bottle. You'll have less waste and won't have to worry about excessive heat or punctures causing an explosion. Perfect for all metal products including knives, swords, axes, firearms, or any metal part requiring cleaning and corrosion protection! Made in the USA.

KA-BAR Backpack Kaster

The KA-BAR Backpack Kaster is an American-made, lightweight fishing system designed to tag along on all your outdoor adventures. Made from Ultramid®, it is comprised of three main components - the handle, head, and clamp. Watch the video to learn how to load and cast the KA-BAR® Backpack Kaster, plus pick up tips on tying a highly effective slip knot.


KA-BAR 'Za-Saw Pizza Cutter

This USA-made pizza cutter will show your pizza who's the boss! Featuring a Creamid handle and 440A stainless steel wheel.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Original Bench Mark Rolox II Knife

I love this knife. It takes a little to get used to taking it out and having it open as you do, but it works really well. The blade is super sharp and the sheath stays on.
Reviewed by: Mark, September 02, 2022

Review of: Original Bench Mark Rolox II Knife

Very unique knife fit and finish is top notch. The hard plastic sheath makes it easy to use and carry. Blade is incredibly sharp right out of the box and the steel holds a great edge. I carry this knife eeverywhere. A little expensive but worth it to me.
Reviewed by: Brian, May 30, 2022

Review of: Original Bench Mark Rolox II Knife

This knife is quite special I have never had a knife quite like this before overall it is excellently well done. I was very impressed with how well it locks up. The overall operation is quite simple and smooth and the blade came razor sharp. The overall  Weight is very light very comfortable to carry. It's a bit pricey but the cool factor makes it worth it.
Reviewed by: Brian, April 03, 2022

Review of: KA-BAR Krunch Spoon/Straw

This spoon is perfect for cereal, buy a few
Reviewed by: Robert, October 01, 2021

Review of: Original Bench Mark Rolox II Knife

Truly unique piece! Love the action and locking mechanism. Wish it was a little less rigid on the handle but it’ll do for a edc for sure. Very happy with Atlanta Cutlery
Reviewed by: Joseph, April 08, 2021

Review of: KA-BAR Lake Effect Ice Scraper

Like all Kabar products, this is a tough quality item and best of all, it is manufactured in New York state and not in China, which probably explains why it is of superior quality. Suitable for handling a New England winter.
Reviewed by: James, December 22, 2020

Review of: Kershaw Scallion Folding Knife

I have carried the Scallion in my pocket every single day since 2006. I use it for everything from cutting open boxes, to eating needs, and I even use it for anxiety relief (like a fidget spinner). It has never failed.  I am on my third one now. The first, just as you see in the picture, was dropped into a shipping container and shipped to  Taiwan. The second, had a serrated back half of the blade. I still have it, but the belt clip screws came loose and the spring assist started to fail after years of use. My third now has a bent tip and a weak spring assist. I swear by this knife,  I write this review because it’s a great product, but I didn’t pay $82.9’7 for all three, and I fail to see why this costs that much.
Reviewed by: Nicholas, February 19, 2020

Review of: ACC Bowie Polished Blade Knife

I bought this in hammer forge finish. Wood in handle fit is worse than most Chinese knives gaps and cracked.
Reviewed by: Guest, November 23, 2017