Historical Swords

A historical sword was a symbol of bravery and prestige. Not just anyone could have one. They were earned and with them came respect. Swords literally carved out kingdoms throughout history. Tough, functional, and effective in hand-to-hand combat, they were the choice of royalty, knights, men-at-arms, and peasants alike.

Many use the term “battle-ready swords,” but what does that mean exactly? Essentially, they are hand-forged, fully functional blades made of high-carbon steel that can perform like the originals. Unlike stainless steel, this can be too brittle to handle a true battle situation. Historical swords can be used in training and live reenactments. Use common sense though, if bashing edge-to-edge. Use the right tool – a theatrical blade with rounded edges and tip. Historical swords are the kind of blades used in medieval and Renaissance fairs, Civil War reenactments and shows for fencing and simulated battles. High-carbon spring steel is generally the strongest material used in blade making and we feature 1065-1095 on our site. It is the steel of choice for battle-ready swords, which can then be hand forged and tempered. We offer a good selection of historically accurate functional blades from the US Revolutionary War and Civil War to more current military offerings. To hold a functional full-tang blade is to come face to face with history. They look like the originals, were made like them, and flex and balance like their historic counterparts.

Products featured on Atlanta Cutlery and its sister website Museum Replicas include historical swords from the ancient Greek & Roman, Viking, Medieval and the Renaissance periods up to the American Civil War. Fancy yourself a Musketeer or knight errant? How about a Spanish conquistador or marauding Viking? Maybe a Roman Centurion? One hand, two hand, bastards, rapiers, and cut-and-thrust were all choices men made when conflict loomed. You’ll find what you need for your persona, collection, or reenactment. Made from originals when possible, we’ve captured the little details for authenticity and maybe, more importantly, the function these blades were meant for. 

  • Battlecry Cutlass modern day pirate sword with sharp, blackened 1065 high carbon steel blade, extra wide full tang

    Battlecry by Windlass

    Battlecry Cutlass

    # 501862

    New! Battlecry has added every swashbuckler’s and pirate’s favorite sword to its line: the Cutlass. The Cutlass was prized for its compact length, which was more suitable for the tight confines of a ship. This Battlecry Cutlass would do any...
  • French Napoleonic Briquet Short Sword has brass hilt and high  carbon steel blade

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    French Napoleonic Briquet Short Sword

    # 501867

    New! This short saber was introduced in 1767, preceding the French Revolution, as a replacement for heavier and cumbersome swords like the fusilier’s ēpēe. It was instantly derided for its modest dimensions and nicknamed “Briquet”...
  • Windlass Steelcrafts French Napoleonic 1801 Cuirassier Sword

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    French Napoleonic 1801 Cuirassier Sword

    # 501866

    New!  Despite the waning effectiveness of plate armor against the increasing proficiency of firearms, the French cavalry in Napoleon’s army still wore cuirasses - Medieval style breast and back plates - with mixed success. They were mildly...
  • Windlass Steelcrafts French Napoleonic ANXI Hussar’s Sword

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    French Napoleonic ANXI Hussar’s Sword

    # 501865

    New! This beautiful and graceful sword was used by Napoleon’s Hussars regiments, light cavalry troops on fast horses who specialized in scouting and skirmishes. Designed for speed, the curved blade is suitable for slashing, but is thick enough to...
  • French Napoleonic Infantry Artillery Short Sword / Glaive has solid brass hilt, sharp high carbon steel blade

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    French Napoleonic Infantry Artillery Short Sword / Glaive

    # 501864

    New! The French military based this sword on the famous and effective Roman Gladius, the standard short sword of the Roman Legionnaires. Originally issued in 1816, the solid brass hilt had a grip that resembled fish scales. When the sword was updated and...
  • Spanish style hilt and faceted pommel with sharp, high carbon steel blade, includes leather scabbard with belt frog and stop

    Battlecry by Windlass

    Battlecry Espada Ropera

    # 501861

    New! After hundreds of requests, Battlecry has added a classic rapier to their popular line of blackened, uniquely finished versions of history's great swords. This rapier features a very complex Spanish style hilt and faceted pommel. The grip is...
  • Dragon King Autumn Leaf Katana Full Blade and Saya

    Dragon King

    Dragon King Autumn Leaf Katana

    # 501853

    The symbolism of the ginkgo leaf for longevity is about as ancient as the tree itself, along with the nature of duality. Our Autumn Leaf Katana embodies both of these contrasting metaphors of endurance and finality in its motif. The blackened moon shaped...
  • Dragon King Winter Sun Katana Full Blade and Saya

    Dragon King

    Dragon King Winter Sun Katana

    # 501852

    The macaque (Japanese snow monkeys) know survival requires communal support. Our Winter Sun Katana mirrors the cold reality of the darkest days of the year on the tsuba (guard) and menuki. The blackened tsuba, fuchi, tsuka-ito and fuchi-kashira contrast...

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