Other Weapons

  • Horseman’s Bow

    Horseman’s Bow

    # 804483

    This Horseman’s Bow features a recurve design which allows for a shorter bow with less finger pinch. handmade from tough and springy rattan. Measures approximately 50" overall.  From time-to-time we find some truly wonderful period bows made here in...
  • Oak English Longbow

    Oak English Longbow

    # 804484

    This English longbow is made with tough, springy American oak. Includes stitched multi-tier leather grip area with padding for comfort and string. Measures approximately 75" overall.  From time-to-time we find some truly wonderful period bows made...
  • Medieval Huntsman Axe

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Medieval Huntsman Axe

    # 600968

    This axe has a high carbon steel head and a thick American Hickory shaft. Overall 23-1/2" inches.  This intimidating and deadly axe has a thick American Hickory wood shaft to keep the axe from slipping out when used on horseback, while the imposing...
  • Bar Mace

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Bar Mace

    # 600652

    This brutal circa 1300 replica mace is made from four bars of steel with a large steel pommel to help balance it. Wood and leather grip. Overall 28-1/2 inches.  Circa 1300 The remains of a mace of this type were found in the River Thames, but they...

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