Hunting Gear

Get the accessories you need to round out your hunting gear at Atlanta Cutlery. From calls and locators to cameras and mounts, you'll find those hard-to-get pieces to complete your pack.

  • Heavy Duty Brown Skinning Apron by Wiebe Knives

    Blue Ridge Knives

    Heavy Duty Skinning Apron

    # 805596

     A necessary accessory for the avid hunter, outdoorsman and survivalist. Keep your field clothes safe with this protective layer while you prepare your harvest. Easily cleaned with soap and water and doesn't absorb odors. Cut and  tear...
  • Hooter Barred Owl Locator

    Hunters Specialties

    Hooter Barred Owl Locator

    # 805327

    The Hooter Owl call’s design consistently produces true tones that won’t vary from one call to the next. It’s entirely water-resistant and won’t crack or expand. Made in the USA.  Owl calls are one of the most popular locaters for turkeys. The...
  • Universal Hunting Umbrella

    Muddy Outdoors

    Universal Hunting Umbrella

    # 805318

    Stay a little more protected from scorching sun and downpours of rain this hunting season with this universal tree seat shade umbrella. This easy to install portable camouflage hunting umbrella has a hub-style design for quick set-up.  Stay a little...
  • Tactical Duo Tree Hook


    Tactical Duo Tree Hook

    # 805321

    Double your organization with this duo tree hook. The ultra-sharp auger tip threads easily screw into dense hardwoods. Includes a thread protector, which attaches to the clip and carry carabiner, making it easy to carry the hook from stand-to-stand...
  • Coyote Dog Howler

    Hunters Specialties

    Coyote Dog Howler

    # 805328

    The Coyote Dog Howler is the only coyote predator call you'll ever need. It has tone slots for a wide range of sounds so you can produce all the vocalizations necessary, including yelps, howls, barks, and whines. It also produces squalls to lure mountain...
  • Mini Hooker Small Game Skull Mount

    Skull Hooker

    Mini Hooker Small Game Skull Mount

    # 805331

    Designed specifically for smaller game, the Mini Hooker mounts close to the wall. It requires no drilling or damage to your skull as the prong fits securely and naturally into the back of the skull. Constructed of strong powder-coated steel in a robust...
  • Skull Cap

    Skull Hooker

    Skull Cap

    # 805330

    Dress up those sawed-off skull plates with this skull cap. This inexpensive cover will provide a cleaner look to your skull-plated trophies, and with the improved design, screws and hardware are no longer needed! Intended for small to mid-sized game, it...
  • Camo Silicone Band / Rubber Wedding Ring


    Camo Silicone Band / Rubber Wedding Ring

    # 201652

    Made for adventurers, hunters, workers, medical staff, and outdoor enthusiasts with active lifestyles, these silicone rubber rings are heat-resistant, non-conductive, flexible, and waterproof. Ideal for anyone wishing to prevent finger injuries caused...

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