Military & Police Surplus

Military and police surplus are items that are sold or otherwise disposed of when no longer needed by the military or civilian police forces. When a military force or police constabulary upgrades gear or the supplying government’s contract for too many items from manufacturers, these items are often decommissioned and sold as remainders to companies and civilians to offset the costs related. We are constantly on the lookout for unique military and police surplus from not only the US military surplus, but many countries like German military surplus and British military surplus. The varied history and inventive, durable designs seen in surplus can be a real boon to collectors, survivalists, campers, teachers, and reenactors. 

Businesses often purchase these items and resell them. Usually, the items sold by the military are clothing, bags, equipment, and tools which civilians find useful, easy to use and durable, and at great savings. Individual uniform items can make for a complete faux military uniform. Occasionally, vehicles will be sold as well, like Jeeps, Humvees, trucks, planes, helicopters, and even ships. Demand for these items comes from various collectors, survivalists, and players of airsoft and paintball.

The history of military surplus in the US dates back to the Civil War; it was the first war that had proper uniforms issued for many troops. Before this, troops were basically wearing whatever they had with them or could pillage from the battlefield. As demand grew, both sides mass-produced arms and wears. After the war ended, they sold the supplies in stores to recover some of the costs. The military surplus store online as well as offline was thus born. The police and military surplus in this section are genuine and in good condition. You’ll find items from WWII to present day. The Cold War era yielded many fine examples. You never know what you’ll find here. We’ve had everything from riot helmets, military surplus boots, military surplus clothing, munitions, and shovels to canvas pup tents and safety glasses.

  • military surplus in new unused condition US Army issue SPECS protective glasses with lanyard and extra set of ear pieces

    Military Surplus

    US Army Issue Protective Glasses

    # 750077

    In the original manufacturer’s packaging in new, unused condition. These US Army issue SPECS protective glasses include the original instruction manual, lanyard and extra set of ear pieces with hook ends that wrap around the back of your ears...
  • Longleaf Traditional Antique Kukri

    Antique Item

    Longleaf Traditional Antique Kukri

    # 401124

    This Longleaf battle kukri has a straighter spine and longer blade than Bhojpure, and in the skilled hands of the Gurkha it became a frightening weapon indeed. These have all seen service with both the Nepali military and the British Army. All of the...
  • Victorian Era Nepalese Officer’s Kukri

    Military Surplus

    Victorian Era Nepalese Officer’s Kukri

    # 750076

    These Victorian Era kukri's were made by hand for the British Gurkha Regiments as their standard issue sidearm for Officer's.  From the design we would date these Nepalese Officer's Kukri's from around the early 1900's. These Victorian Era kukri's...
  • Hungarian M38 WWII Steel Helmet

    International Military Antiques

    Hungarian M38 WWII Steel Helmet

    # 300446

    Hungarian M38 WWII Steel Helmet is a genuine military surplus. The leather liners and chinstraps are a mix - most were made in Finland; and they range from a Finnish M55 style to a German M35 style to a WWI three sided style.   This is a rare...
    $109.95 - $119.95
  • Porvair Garrison Belt

    Military Surplus

    Porvair Garrison Belt

    # 201061

    This Porvair Garrison Belt is made of synthetic leather and comes in sizes 28", 40" and 44".  This Porvair Garrison Belt is made of synthetic leather and comes in even sizes 28", 40" and 44".  Military Surplus, available in limited quantities! 
  • Hard Synthetic Leather Vitalon Sword Case

    Military Surplus

    Hard Synthetic Leather Vitalon Sword Case

    # 802364

    This military surplus Hard Synthetic Leather Vitalon Sword Case is available in Small, which fits blade lengths 23" - 26".  This Hard Synthetic Leather Vitalon Sword Case comes in 4 sizes. Limited quantity of size small, all others are sold out. S...
  • Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

    Antique Item

    Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

    # 402042

    This hand forged antique has a genuine horn handle and dates from the 1800s. They are generally 7-3/4" long with 3-1/4" blades and solid brass furniture. Generally good condition. Order 2 or more for $22.50 each!   This original 1800's Gurkha...
  • Gurkha Belt Buckle

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Gurkha Belt Buckle

    # 750086

    These unissued, highly polished 11th Rifles Regiment belt buckles were designed for military-style belts or 2 hole prong belts. The badge on the front is bolted onto the slightly curved buckle.  These are unissued, highly polished 11th Rifles...

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