Flags represent honor and show allegiance and pride. Flags, banners, standards, call them what you will, they represent countries, militaries, identify territories, honor royalty, and can act as warnings. Pirates and Privateers of all sorts made flags to instill fear, the most famous being the skull and crossbones.

The use of flags outside of the military or naval context begins only with the rise of nationalism at the end of the 18th century; the earliest have been dated to that period, and during the 19th century it became common for every sovereign state to have a national flag. We feature many iconic pirate flags, US flags, and US Civil War flags, plus many historical flags from various countries that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. All of these are great for display, teaching, home use, or reenacting.

Read about flag etiquette and standards of respect for the US flag

  • Join Or Die Flag

    Flags Importer

    Join Or Die Flag

    # 804759

    This flag depicts the famous “Join, or Die” image published in 1754 by Benjamin Franklin in the Pennsylvania Gazette. Urging the American colonies to unite for greater power against the threat of French expansion in North America, it depicts a snake cut...
  • POW MIA Flag

    Flags Importer

    POW MIA Flag

    # 802673

    This stark black and white flag was designed in 1972 on behalf of American POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War, has come to represent our missing countrymen and women from all wars. This indoor/outdoor flag measures 3' x 5' and is double sided with 2 metal...
  • US Flag

    Flags Importer

    US Flag

    # 804038

    The U.S. flag measures 3' x 5' and is double sided with 2 metal grommets.  The current flag of the United States consists of 13 stripes, alternate red and white, representing the 13 original colonies/states. The canton consists of a blue field...
  • Pirate Sparrow Flag

    Flags Importer

    Pirate Sparrow Flag

    # 805308

    Pirate Jack Sparrow High-quality Polyester Flag 3x5 ft Skull Crossbones with 2 metal grommets. Perfect for indoor and outdoor displays.  This 3x5ft high-quality Polyester Pirate Sparrow Flag has header tape and 2 metal grommets The flag is...
  • Henry Avery Flag

    Flags Importer

    Henry Avery Flag

    # 801750

    Pirate Captain Henry Avery retired with his loot without being arrested or killed in battle. Our reproduction of his flag is made of double sided, indoor outdoor polyester, measuring a full 3' x 5' with metal grommets.  Henry Avery (or Every) had ...
  • Tools of the Trade Flag

    Flags Importer

    Tools of the Trade Flag

    # 805309

    Decorate your pirate den with this 3x5 ft polyester flag showing the crossbones, rum, telescope & other pirate gear.  3x5ft Polyester Tools of Trade Flag has header tape and 2 metal grommets. The flag is dye-sublimated with beautiful bold colors...
  • Green Mountain Boys Flag

    Flags Importer

    Green Mountain Boys Flag

    # 804760

    One of the most well-known flags from the Revolutionary War era, this replica is made of polyester with metal grommets. Measures 3' x 5'.  One of the most famous Revolutionary War era militia groups was the Green Mountain Boys. Formed before the...
  • Grand Union Flag

    Flags Importer

    Grand Union Flag

    # 804763

    This flag is made of polyester with metal grommets and depicts the first "official" flag, predating the stars and stripes. Measures 3' x 5'.  The Grand Union Flag is the first "official" flag. Legend says that it was created when General Washington...

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