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This flag is made of polyester with metal grommets and depicts the first "official" flag, predating the stars and stripes. Measures 3' x 5'.

The Grand Union Flag is the first "official" flag. Legend says that it was created when General Washington requested Philadelphia pennant maker, Rebecca Flower Young, make a flag to use as a rallying symbol for his troops.

The first flag of the colonists to have any resemblance to our present Stars and Stripes, the Grand Union Flag was also known as Continental Colors, the Congress Flag, the First Navy Ensign and the Cambridge Flag. This design consisted of 13 red and white stripes representing the Thirteen Colonies with the same canton as the British Red Ensign - a blue field bearing the red cross of St. George of England and the white cross of St. Andrew of Scotland.

George Washington liked this design so well that he chose it to be flown to celebrate the formation of the Continental Army on New Years Day, 1776.  It remained the unofficial national flag and ensign of the Navy until June 14, 1777, when it was authorized by the Continental Congress.The Grand Union Flag also was the standard for the British East India Company. 

Polyester with metal grommets. Measures 3' x 5'