Replica Military Helmets & Armor

Atlanta Cutlery carries quality helmets for history enthusiasts. Our high-quality reproductions are made just like the originals.

  • replica French 1st Empire Cuirassier Helmet is brass with red hackle plume, horsehair tail, adjustable leather and linen liner

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    French 1st Empire Cuirassier Helmet

    # 300593

    The 3rd Regiment was seeded in 1635 when 3-year-old Timoléon de Sercourt d’Esclainvilliers inherited his father’s Light Horse company. It became part of the Cardinal Duc regiment the same year and fought in the Battle of Rocroi as the...
  • fully wearable Napoleonic era 1st Empire Cuirass with leather shoulder straps armored with brass scales

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    French 1st Empire Cuirass

    # 300592

    The cuirass of the oldest armored regiment of the French army! It was worn by French Cuirassiers as they fought with Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus against the Habsburg empire during the Thirty Years War. Consisting of a breastplate and a backplate, the...
  • Windlass Steelcrafts German M35 Reproduction Helmet

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    German M35 Reproduction Helmet

    # 720061

    WAREHOUSE FIND! These excellent reproductions of the German M35 Stahlhelm (steel helmet) were left over from a movie production run and unused because they are all small (size 6-7/8). This style of helmet originated during World War I and was kept in...
  • US Mark V Divers Helmet Replica

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    US Mark V Divers Helmet Replica

    # 720033

    This replica US Mark V Divers Helmet is a stunning nautical decor item. Our version of the Mark V WWII era Helmet takes a little license in the design to ensure awesome looks over traditional diving function. Made entirely of antiqued aluminum which...
  • British Brass Fireman's Helmet

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    British Brass Fireman's Helmet

    # 300200

    This style of brass helmet was first introduced in 19th century Victorian England and saw active service through WWII. Features a flourish of crossed axes and fire hoses ringed with a floral motif. Brass-scaled chin strap.  Reflecting old Britain’s...
  • WWI Doughboy Replica Helmet

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    WWI Doughboy Replica Helmet

    # 720036

    This 18 gauge steel shell replica helmet is made to the same specs down to the string, metal and adjustable coated canvas liner. Great for display or reenactment.  This WWI Doughboy Helmet is made from an original M1917 pattern found at auction...

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