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Home Décor & Gifts

We have a variety of home decor items that make great gifts, or keep them for yourself! Whether your passion is the Armed Forces, the Civil War or the days of the pirates, Atlanta Cutlery has unique pieces for the home and office.

From books and DVDs, vintage-style posters and signs, vintage home decor accessories, historical and fantasy coins, replica models, feastware, holiday decor, vintage-styled locks and keys for your castle, explore through these home decor ideas!

Books & DVDs

Buy books and DVDs and learn more about knife making, fighting, self-defense, and antique weapons online at Atlanta Cutlery. We offer a selection of books to read and DVDs for history lovers and knife collectors, great for gifts or your own library.

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Eating, Drinking & More

Our range of medieval feastware, including beautiful mugs and eating utensils, are the perfect accompaniment to any meal. We also carry flatware for those on the go - great for your next picnic outing or camping trip! We also carry a selection of hip flasks that are waterproof (and alcohol proof).

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Home Décor & Accessories carries great accessories to decorate your home and add that personal touch.

Let history and fantasy add a special touch to your home and office decor, a rare-to-find selection of home decor and accessories from Atlanta Cutlery.

Wall plaque, vintage floor lamps, period oil lamps, trinket boxes, candle holders, and more, you have an impressive collection of home decor pieces to choose from. Explore our collection now!

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Home Office & Desktop

Let your home office setup or your personal workspace should reflect who you really are. We at Atlanta Cutlery carry a large assortment of quality home office gifts, themed home office accessories, and home office essentials that reflects your style.

Our home office desk ideas and accessories include a unique selection of miniature sword letter openers, desk magnifiers, and more to add that extra historical touch to your setup.

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Locks and Keys

Atlanta Cutlery carries a variety of reproduction collectible locks and keys.

Whether you are using it for a pirate voyage, finding the best means to escape or hoping to unlock some lost, buried treasure or on some fantasy quest to find a lost princess, this rare-to-find selection of locks and keys are your perfect talisman.

All of them are great conversation pieces or accessories to an outfit. Use them as a great decorator piece for your home or unlock some thrilling adventures!

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Nautical, Maritime Style Gifts & Decor

Sail the high seas with our nautical themed gifts and decor honoring our maritime history. Our unique collection of products have been hand selected for quality and value. You will find in our stock vast variety of handcrafted items, ship bells and lamps, nautical design decorations and interior design items.

Perfect for any nautical themed display, these items are durable enough to be mounted in a marine environment, aboard ship or outside a home or business. These nautical gifts ideas are perfect for those who belong to the maritime industry or are interested in everything related to the sea.

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Replica Coins replica coins are great for teachers, collectors and children. They are great for that "finishing touch" for your costume as well.

We specialize in replicas from the rarest and choicest as coin experts and historians, including Confederate coins, Shipwreck Pirate Coins, and Coins of the California Gold Rush.

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Replica Models & Kits has a variety of quality scaled models of important objects from our past and present. These are a perfect addition to your office desk, bookshelf, or man cave. Some require moderate assembly, so if you love building models we have a great selection of metal and wood kits too.

From Miniature WWII Sub Machine Guns and German Tiger 1 Tank Metal Models to hard-to-find diecast models like to a Marvel 2016 Camero SS Die-Cast Model with Iron Man Figure, discover a great selection of exclusive models to grace your collection. Some kits require moderate assembly, so if you love building models we have a great selection of metal and wood kits.

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Something Different carries unique historical curiosities, from whistles and bells, badges and playing cards to nautical compasses and decor.

Have you ever wondered how the Surgery Kit in the 19th Century looked like? Or wanted a sneak peek into what the daily life of the Vikings? Well, this unique collection has something really different that you would not find anywhere. We even have a replica brass LAPD mugger whistle offered to individuals upon request in the early to mid-1900s.

So, start exploring and add them to your collection before these rare pieces go out of stock!

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Statues & Figures

Statues and sculptures make great conversation pieces for your home. carries a great selection of unusual and unique items.

Our skulls, statues and sculptures are designed by the best hands in the business and make them the perfect choice for various uses.

Our knights, irrespective of their size, are made with the greatest detail possible and can be found mounted on horseback or standing on foot. There is also a classic Ascending Angel made of resin and finished in bronze.

Other collectibles are inspired by WWII, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Sitting Bull from 1880, and there are also some fabulous steampunk and fantasy products on offer. So, whether you are a die-hard collector or someone just looking to give their house a dash of class and eccentricity, we have items to satisfy your every fancy.

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Vintage Style Signs & Posters

ACC is happy to bring iconic vintage signs and posters from different points in our past that had historical significance. From outlaws of the Old West to WWI and WWII propaganda signs, you'll find a unique way to decorate and remember (and you may even find a bit of humor). From parchment to metal signs, wood signs and tin alloy, the antique look in this collection is really an eye-catcher and adds an air of authenticity to these detailed, exacting replicas.

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