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Boker Plus OTF "USB" Pocket Knife Grey & Green

It looks like a USB stick, but slide the thumb rest forward and the spring-loaded blade pops out the front of the handle and securely stays there. Made in the USA.

M16 Military Dagger

Inspired by legendary designs of various modified combat and trench knives throughout history, this is a big knife with a simple, extremely effective spear-point blade. The synthetic handle provides superb all-weather performance and a highly durable grip.

Miniature M16 A1 Toy Model - Fugazi

An unbelievably superb miniature model kit of the tried and true M16 military rifle. This mini Fugazi looks like somebody put a real M16 into a shrinking machine.


Bronze Deer Folder

A fancy, heavy-duty folding knife for outdoor lovers. Each side of the handle displays an ornate outdoor scene depicting a stag roaming the woods. The art is in high relief and has some filigree thrown in to evoke elaborately decorated firearms from the last two centuries.

Underwater Wonderland Mermaid Folder

We know that peril and grave danger lie beneath the crashing waves, but the mysteries of the deep have inspired potential wonders for those with imagination for centuries. Here's what we'd like to find under the sea - a ravishing mermaid with her frolicking dolphin buddy. This assisted opening knife shines shines with an anodized blue coating.

Police Pistol Folder

On this clever little folding knife, the trigger doesn't work, but the sight does! It's actually the blade flipper; flick it and reveal the 3-3/4" long, stainless steel drop point blade.