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Model 1892 Rifle With Modified Cocking Loop

A famous historical old-west rifle with a famous old-Hollywood modification! This non-firing replica is an excellent rendition of a lever-action rifle that conquered the west, with working parts and real wood stock and foregrip. Weighs and feels like the real deal!

Kit Rae Vorthelok Damascus Sword Cane

This is a fully functional sword cane version of the Vorthelok sword from Kit Rae's Swords of the Ancients collection.

French OD Wet Weather Jacket With Hood

This Wet Weather Jacket is genuine military surplus.

Nieto Medium Gran Cazador

Made in Spain, this military-style combat/field knife is big enough for most camping needs but more gracefully designed than most outdoor knives.

Camillus Boating Knife with Marlin Spike

Here's a nice-looking marlin spike knife with unique handcrafted bamboo handle scales and black metal parts.

El Dorado Stag Hunter

If you're looking for a hunting/outdoor sheath knife that's made like the classics, here's your treasure. This traditional knife pattern would be right at home in the hands of hard-working tradesmen 100 years ago.