Modern Swords

Find modern swords at Atlanta Cutlery. These tactical and combat swords are perfect for outdoor tasks.

  • Tactical single-handed broadsword with 1060 carbon steel blade, textured black TPR handle for a firm grip, stainless steel pommel


    Honshu Single-Handed Broadsword

    # 501877

    Honshu continues to expand its exceptional sword line and this sleek, tactical single-handed broadsword is a must-have for your collection! Here’s a well-made, modern spin on a proven, time-tested sword design with sleek, rugged tactical...
  • Battlecry Cutlass modern day pirate sword with sharp, blackened 1065 high carbon steel blade, extra wide full tang

    Battlecry by Windlass

    Battlecry Cutlass

    # 501862

    Battlecry has added every swashbuckler’s and pirate’s favorite sword to its line: the Cutlass. The Cutlass was prized for its compact length, which was more suitable for the tight confines of a ship. This Battlecry Cutlass would do any...
  • Spanish style hilt and faceted pommel with sharp, high carbon steel blade, includes leather scabbard with belt frog and stop

    Battlecry by Windlass

    Battlecry Espada Ropera

    # 501861

    After hundreds of requests, Battlecry has added a classic rapier to their popular line of blackened, uniquely finished versions of history's great swords. This rapier features a very complex Spanish style hilt and faceted pommel. The grip is hand-wound...
  • Damascus Talon

    Szco Supplies

    Damascus Talon

    # 404452

    The deeply etched pattern in the Damascus steel is magnificent to behold. This full profile tang dagger has darkly stained wood and genuine bone scales with brass pins and spacers. Includes leather belt sheath.  Dagger or short sword, by either name...
  • Honshu War Sword


    Honshu War Sword

    # 601059

    United Cutlery's Honshu War Sword is another exceptional sword in the Honshu line. It's historically inspired, sleek modern look gives it a no-nonsense feel.  United Cutlery's Honshu War Sword is another exceptional sword in the Honshu line. Its...
  • Honshu Spartan Sword


    Honshu Spartan Sword

    # 501828

    This reimagining of an ancient weapon has a full-tang, stainless steel blade that has a phenomenally sharp blade that features a classic blood groove and modern, weight-reducing thru-holes in the spine. The hefty stainless steel guard is curved back...
  • Honshu Gladiator Sword


    Honshu Gladiator Sword

    # 501826

    There is no better fusion of traditional ideals with modern innovation than the Honshu Gladiator Sword. It has a sharp, stainless steel blade with a fuller and weight-reducing thru-holes. The textured and ridged, injection-molded TPR handle gives you a...
  • Honshu Broadsword


    Honshu Broadsword

    # 501827

    This is a modern spin on a proven, time-tested sword design. This sword has sleek, rugged tactical engineering with perfect blade-to-hilt balancing. Includes a black wooden scabbard with a leather belt hanger.  This is a modern spin on a proven,...

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