Swords & Sabers

We at Atlanta Cutlery offer the finest selection of museum quality sword, knife and dagger reproductions, including- famous swords and legendary swords, Japanese swords, Medieval swords, Military Swords, Short swords, Samurai swords for sale, Chinese swords, Viking swords, Sword canes, and fantasy swords like Lord of the rings swords and The Sword Excalibur.

Nearly all types of swords offered in our collection are hand forged like the originals. Made from high carbon steels and other authentic materials, these blades handle and flex like real things. The fully tempered, full tang blades are battle ready swords all set for your next crusade or just display ready for your office or den. Know what it was like to hold the weapons that carved out the world's greatest nations!
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Decorative Swords

We've made it easy to decorate your home or dress for an event like a wedding or party. Forged by expert hands using state-of-the-art technology, we l…

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Fantasy Swords

Fantasy swords and fantasy weapons are your standard weapons taken up a notch. So much so, many are considered works of art or metal sculpture. Pop cu…

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Historical Swords

A historical sword was a symbol of bravery and prestige. Not just anyone could have one. They were earned and with them came respect. Swords literally…

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Military Swords

Atlanta Cutlery offers military dress sabers and military swords manufactured according to exact government specifications. We have proudly supplied m…

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Modern Swords

Find modern swords at Atlanta Cutlery. These tactical and combat swords are perfect for outdoor tasks.

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Practice, Training & Stage Combat Swords

Training swords and sabers are quite possibly the most valuable of any you may own. They allow you to practice sparring and light combat safely, eithe…

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Samurai & Asian Swords

You cannot talk about Japanese history without mentioning the elite Samurai Warrior and the real samurai swords. Experts at fighting both on horseback…

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Sword Canes

What is better than a simple walking cane? Canes with swords! Sword canes have been used throughout history and are often featured in TV and movies by…

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