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Atlanta Cutlery Atlanta Cutlery offers military dress sabers and military swords manufactured according to exact government specifications. We have proudly supplied military officer swords and sabers for the Marines, The Citadel, Marion Military Institute, Fork Union Military Academy and other academies around the country: we deliver the very best.

We also offer custom engraving on our dress swords and sabers. Wondering what size of  Military Sword Should I Carry and Why?

Confused about certification for USMC sabers? Read more about the Marine Corps Systems Command Certification (MarCorSysCom).

Watch this video on The Creation of Swords

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US Marine Corps Ceremonial Saber Sword

This officially licensed USMC Ceremonial Saber Sword from United Cutlery has a sharp, stainless steel blade is embossed with USMC themed artwork. The hilt is polished stainless steel and the TPU grip has faux wire wrap and a guard with decorative metalwork and a tassel. The matching scabbard is black faux leather and features stainless steel decorative accents.

US Marine Corps NCO Saber from Spain No Spine Serial Number

This US Marine Corps NCO Saber has No Spine Serial Number and is made in Spain by a government certified manufacturer. It comes in 4 blade lengths.

Official Navy CPO Cutlass

The new U.S. Navy CPO Cutlass was developed as a joint project with of the U.S. Naval Uniform Board. Made with a Toledo Spanish steel blade and heavy gold plating, it exceeds the required specs and sets it apart from all other non-official versions in the market.

US Marine Corps NCO Saber from Spain

The US Marine NCO sword is made of high-polished stainless steel. Detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications.

US Marine Corps Officer's Saber from Spain

This certified US Marine Corps Officer's Saber from Spain is numbered and comes with a Government specified scabbard.

Leather Dress Sword Guard

This Leather Sword Guard can be used with the Army NCO Sword, West Point sword, Air Force sword, Air Force Academy sword, or Army Academy/Honor Guard sword.

US Army Officers Saber Chain

This is a regulation stainless steel Army Officers saber chain.

USMC Officer's Sword Guard

The USMC guard prevents swords and sabers from marring the dress uniform. One of the necessary pieces required to properly wear the Officer's Saber in public.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: US Marine Corps Ceremonial Saber Sword

I would really love to be able to give this item a solid 5 stars. Regrettably' it falls just short of the mark. It's a terrific replica of the Marine Cow Ceremonial Sword, My good friend, Alan, a Former Marine Corps Colonel and a proud possessor of the actual sword, thought it was the real thing until he held it and realized it was far too light. That didn't bother me as I only needed it as a lightweight visual costume prop. However, the lack of scabbard attachment rings on the scabbard itself was a bit of a bother.. I found it next to impossible to attach it to my belt. I wound up substituting another scabbard, and using the sward in that scabbard. So this sword would easily be a 5 star item unless you needed it to be attached to a field ready belt strap..
Reviewed by: Thomas, November 03, 2021

Review of: US Marine Corps NCO Saber from Spain No Spine Serial Number

Excellent product was presented to NCO of the year to our local reserve unit.
Reviewed by: James, June 29, 2021

Review of: US Army NCO Sword

This sword cost much more than the 1840 NCO Sword and can not be sharpened by ACC.  It is a very pretty and shinny hilted sword.  It will stand out amongst other brass handled swords.  This is stricly a ceremonial sword with blunt edges and mirror shinny appearance.  You will not be able to cut anything or anyone, (yourself included), with this ceremonial sword.
Reviewed by: Jay, June 12, 2020

Review of: Leather Dress Sword Guard

This sword guard easily fits the enlisted personnel belt and holds the NCO sword nicely.  I like this guard better than the saber guard due to the loseness of the saber chains.  Some may find the saber chains easier for some command movements though.  I like the closer fit of the leather guard.
Reviewed by: Jay, June 12, 2020

Review of: US Army Officers Saber Chain

The Saber hanger was very nice, strong and good quality. Was very appealing and good for the price.
Reviewed by: ANDREW, February 10, 2019

Review of: US Navy Officer's Saber

Somewhere in my travels, I lost my Navy Officer's sword. This is an excellent replacement, and a nice memento.
Reviewed by: Jack, January 28, 2019

Review of: US Marine Corps NCO Saber from Spain

Excellent Marine Corps NCO Sword it is a must have. Very Very Very good quality
Reviewed by: Brian, December 21, 2018

Review of: US Army Officer's Saber

Just got my order in and this was the item I was most excited about getting. It looks just like I thought it was! Will definitely order from them again!
Reviewed by: Harold, August 02, 2018

Review of: Leather Dress Sword Guard

Great workmanship, works with my 1840 Army NCO sword. Fits my Enlisted ceremonial belt. I use it for honor guard duty
Reviewed by: Machell, January 04, 2015

Review of: US Army NCO Sword

Great sword, Excellent for dress ceremonies. Could not ask for a better product. Excellent finish.
Reviewed by: Machell, April 26, 2014