20th Century War Dummy Weapons

From Allied to Axis, find some of the most intriguing non-firing replica weapons that both look and feel the part from each war and various countries. Find carbines, machine guns, pistols and semi automatic handguns spanning WWI and WWII to more recent military conflicts.

  • Russian WWII Makarav


    Russian WWII Makarav

    # 803576

    Non-firing pistol replica of the Russian WWII Makarav. It remained in service with Soviet military and police until the end of the U.S.S.R. in 1991. Still used for military, police and homeland defense training. Durable black finish, handcrafted in Spain...
  • M1 Carbine Non-Firing Replica


    M1 Carbine Non-Firing Replica

    # 803676

    Compact, lightweight and accurate, M1 Carbines were first supplied in mid-1942 to US troops in Europe. This replica has a wood body like the original. The bolt and trigger are fully functional and the dummy magazine is detachable.   When...
  • Denix 1928A1 SMG Commercial Dummy Gun


    1928A1 SMG Commercial Model Dummy Gun

    # 802131

    One of the most recognizable firearms of World War II, made famous by the Airborne Troops of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. Perfect for collectors and re-enactors, it is made of metal and wood and the bolt cocks and trigger works. This commercial...
  • US WWII M3 Grease Gun Non-Firing Replica


    US WWII M3 Grease Gun Non-Firing Replica

    # 804972

    This non firing replica M3 submachine gun has metal construction. It has a simulated mechanism for loading and firing, removable magazine, and retractable stock with double position.  The M3 Submachine Gun was adopted by the US Army on December...
  • US M16 A1 Rifle


    US M16 A1 Rifle

    # 720018

    A very good replica and important collectible in U. S. firearms history, this non-firing rifle has a removable magazine and working trigger mechanism.  The M16 A1 was the standard military rifle from the early 1960s through the mid-1980s. The M16A1...

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