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James Bowie created a legend about himself and the knife he used in a hand-to-hand fight in Mississippi in 1827. What that knife looked like was soon lost, but the legend continued to grow. Bowie knives were in high demand, worn at the sides of members of Congress as well as ne'er-do-wells. The authentic Bowies by Windlass Steelcrafts are from America's past and hand-forged from well-tempered steel to take and hold a razor edge. Most come with a leather sheath. Find great Bowies from Cold Steel and other great knife makers too!


  • Daniel Boone Bowie Knife with long sharp 1080 high carbon steel blade, brass guard, hardwood handle and leather belt sheath

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Daniel Boone Bowie

    # 404816

    If there’s a second most murky “original knife” story after the Bowie, this is it. This a replica of a knife that was supposedly taken off a fallen warrior after an Indian siege by Daniel Boone.   If there’s a second most...
  • Honshu Boshin Bowie with full tang, razor-sharp stainless steel blade, and a textured rubber handle


    Honshu Boshin Bowie

    # 404812

    This knife is every inch a tough, ready-to-work Bowie, but with a gracefully contoured blade that’s a mite fancier than anything seen in frontier America.   This is one of the slickest-looking Bowies we’ve ever seen! This knife is...
  • M48 Ops Combat Saw Back Bowie has half-serrated cutting edge, full tang 420A Stainless Steel blade with Titanium finish


    M48 Ops Combat Bowie

    # 404813

    The M48 Ops Combat Bowie will have you covered no matter what special operation or dangerous mission you are facing. Includes a military-style, reinforced M.O.L.L.E. sheath.   Maximum beastliness, maximum carnage. A big, tough, intimidating...
  • Hibben Bloodwood Magnum Bowie is over a foot and half long, with laminated bloodwood grip, stainless steel guard and pommel

    Gil Hibben

    Hibben Bloodwood Magnum Bowie

    # 404811

    This Gil Hibben designed Bowie is over a foot and a half long, which makes it showy enough, but the red-stained, laminated “bloodwood” grip, fancy guard and mosaic pins create a visual feast for any knife lover or collector.   You...
  • Battlecry Bowie knife has 1075 darkened steel blade with Mediterranean notch, wood handle, includes belt sheath

    Battlecry by Windlass

    Battlecry Bowie

    # 404809

       Nothing says “knife” like the classic Bowie of the American frontier! The Battlecry version makes a tough knife look even tougher with a black finish on the blade, pommel and guard. This knife was designed to be big,...
  • Brass Studded Bowie

    Rite Edge

    Brass Studded Bowie

    # 404757

    How about a bowie with some old world pizazz? The blade is a familiar, highly useful clip point design. The ornate hilt would look right at home on a ancient royal’s treasured sword or side dagger. Sold brass hardware adorns the carved hardwood...
  • Rough Forged Chopping Bowie

    Rite Edge

    Rough Forged Chopping Bowie

    # 404756

    This unique knife cuts and thrusts with the best of them, but the thick blade gives it enough heft to do some serious chopping. The modified clip point bowie blade has a rough forged finish and an upswept spine with a generously long (4-5/8”)...
  • Modern Toothpick

    Rite Edge

    Modern Toothpick

    # 404747

    A beautiful update of the Arkansas Toothpick/bowie. The big, intimidating blade is present, but with a gracefully designed hilt that’s contoured for maximum comfort. Stainless steel blade is almost a foot long. Steel guard and pommel. Includes...

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