Miniature Knives & Key Chain Tools

Miniature knives, mini knives, mini pocket knife have always been collectible and believe it or not functional. There are smiths today that specialize in these little cutlery curiosities.

These miniature knives are scaled down versions of classic blade patterns and many favorite designs through history. Others are contemporary designs for today’s demanding every day carry. Great for display, last ditch self defense, as gifts, functional jewelry and as utility knives. Some are folders, other fixed blade. All can do the job.

Perfectly scaled down versions of the most iconic knives in our history like the Alamo Bowie, but updated with stainless steel and real metal & wood parts. Our staff can’t stop talking about these gorgeous knives. Many conveniently fit on a key chain and are so small you can carry them almost anywhere. 

They can make a great collectible for your desk. Our utilitarian versions for EDC have blades that are large enough for big cutting chores and sized to lighten the burden of carrying them. They never fail to draw conversation. There’s just something about miniature knives or a mini pocket knife that seems to cute to be truly functional, yet they are.

They can be of the same materials as their bigger cousins like high carbon steel, stainless steel and authentic handle materials from traditional wood to modern steel alloy, aluminum and G-10. Just be a bit careful, they are so small and easy to carry you can forget they’re there, until you need them.

  • Othala Viking Bearded Axe & Knife set with a bearded axe and hand-forged skinning knife with a sheath in a wooden box

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Othala Viking Bearded Axe & Knife Boxed Set

    # 601158

    Provoke your inner wanderlust with this heirloom-quality set, complete with a Viking-inspired axe, a hand-forged skinning knife, and a wooden display/storage box engraved with knotwork and Norse dragons.   Braid your skegg (beard) and don your...
  • Rite Edge American Flag Pocket Knife/Money Clip

    Rite Edge

    American Flag Money Clip Knife

    # 404758

    Spring assisted folder doubles as a money clip, or use the wide clip to wear it on your belt, waistband or pocket’s edge. American flag handle.   Conveniently keep Old Glory with you as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our fighting men...
  • Kershaw Pub Black Multifunction Pocket Knife

    Kershaw Knives

    Kershaw Pub Black Multifunction Pocket Knife

    # 404319

    This slip-joint-style knife features a modified sheepsfoot blade with a handle made of anodized aluminum front scale and a stainless steel back. Bottle opener, screwdriver tip, pry bar, keychain attachment.>br>  Designed by custom knifemaker Dmitry...
  • Kershaw PT-2 Keychain Tool

    Kershaw Knives

    Kershaw PT-2 Keychain Tool

    # 404380

    This multi tool is for your key ring. Made by Kershaw, it weighs less than an ounce and contains a bottle opener and cap lifter, a pry bar, two screwdriver tips, a wire scraper and 3 sizes of hex drives.  Key chains just got handier with the new...
  • Gerber Key Note Black Clip Folding Knife

    Gerber Knives & Multi-Tools

    Gerber Key Note Black Clip Folding Knife

    # 404489

    The Key Note is a do-it-all knife that packs a surprising amount of utility into a compact frame. When open, the blade is secured with an easy-to-operate liner lock. The aluminum scales stand up to daily abuse. A removable key chain is included for...
  • CRKT Microtool and Sharpener

    Columbia River Knife & Tool

    CRKT Microtool and Sharpener

    # 805563

    This compact sharpener fits on a keyring. You simply hold it firmly on a hard surface, place the rear of the blade edge into the "V" of the carbide sharpener blades and draw the knife through, pulling towards you. This handy tool also features a flathead...
  • Cardsharp Credit Card Knife


    Cardsharp Credit Card Knife

    # 404595

    Originally designed as a disposable surgical knife for medics, paramedics, and aid workers, the Cardsharp is an innovative, super-light folder that's the size of a credit card and not much thicker.  Originally designed as a disposable surgical knife...
  • Boker Plus Credit Card Knife

    Boker USA Inc

    Boker Plus Credit Card Knife

    # 403222

    Small enough to be carried in a wallet, the blade on this knife is large enough for big cutting chores and slotted to lighten the weight. The included pocket clip can easily be removed to make the knife just 3/32" thick for practical wallet carry...

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