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Fixed Blades

A fixed blade knife, fixed knives, straight blade knife and straight knives, sometimes called sheath knives, do not fold or slide, and are usually stronger than folding knives due to the tang and lack of moving parts.

Knife blades can be made from a variety of materials. Carbon steel can be very sharp and hold its edge well, and remains easy to re-sharpen, but is vulnerable to rust and stains. Stainless steel may not able to take quite as sharp an edge as carbon steel, but is highly resistant to corrosion. High carbon, stainless steel is intended to incorporate the better attributes of both. Laminate blades use multiple metals to create layers, combining the attributes of both also. Pattern-welding layers different steel types to create patterns in the steel. Titanium has a better strength-to-weight ratio, is more wear resistant, and more flexible than steel, but less hard and unable to take as sharp an edge. Ceramic blades are hard, brittle, and lightweight: they can maintain a sharp edge for years with no maintenance, but are fragile. They are immune to common corrosion.

Handle material can also vary greatly and includes many types of wood, antler, bone, horn and synthetics like acrylic and G-10. Sheaths are usually Kydex or leather.

Fixed blades, fixed knives, straight blade knife, straight knives play a significant role in some cultures through ritual and superstition. Knife symbols can be found in various cultures and were included burial rites, so the dead would not be defenseless in the next world. A common belief is that if a knife is given as a gift, the relationship of the giver and recipient is severed. An item of value, as little as a penny, is exchanged for the gift, rendering "payment" thus completing the transaction and saving the relationship. 

There are many styles to choose from in this section and many uses including combat, camping, self defense, survival, hunting, diving, and bushcraft. It’s not unusual to have one around for EDC carry for utility purposes as well. Some of the most popular styles are the bowie, bayonet, machete, karambit, wakizashi and tanto.

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M48 Liberator Trench Knife

This M48 Liberator is a cool update on the classic military trench knife.

M48 Falcon Karambit

From the M48 Liberator series, United Cutlery’s Falcon Karambit Knife is another triumphant update of a tried and true historical design into a modern, tactical weapon.

CRKT Hissatsu™ Fixed Blade

The unique shape of the blade, made famous by the legendary Samurai warlord Takeda Shingen, provides enormous penetrating power and superior slashing capability in one blade, which works with the natural motion of the body. James arrived at this modern version as a backup weapon for close-quarters combat. This is a focused single-purpose knife for use in anti-terrorist/close-quarters battle (CQB) environments, either as a primary or a secondary weapon to augment the handgun in the hands of trained professionals.

CRKT Obake™

The Obake™ isn't looking for work, but it’s ready to show up looking like a boss when it's time to get the job done. This tactically inspired everyday carry knife has a uniquely etched blade and cord-wrapped ray skin style handle is the true epitome of cool.

CRKT SIWI™ Fixed Blade

Built by a hero, refined by an expert. This mission-ready fixed blade is a compact powerhouse. It has a modified drop point SK5 carbon steel blade and is finished with a non-reflective and highly resistant black powder coat. It’s built to last, a quality that’s equally as evident in its unique G10 handles.

M48 OPS Tanker Combat Karambit

This modernized karambit design is a weapon that you can count on. One-piece 3Cr13 stainless steel construction with a black finish, it has weight-reducing thru-holes. The curved blade is unbelievably sharp and the curved open-ring handle is very grippy with a grooved back.

Hibben Diamondback Stag Knife

Knifemaker extraordinaire Gil Hibben continues to design exceptional fixed blade knives made for hard everyday use. This version of the Hibben Diamondback Fixed Blade Knife features a handsome, genuine stag handle.

Asgard Creations Axe & Knife Boxed Set

Here's a gorgeous set of "belt tools" inspired by Norse mythology, attractively stored in an "Asgard Creations" gift/display box.